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Re: Relationships, Manipulation & Stoic Self-Control

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  • Jack Gendron
    Greetings Keith! Your address to Les take on my original concern was well expressed. I especially enjoyed your closing comments. ... Jack replies: This
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 1, 2000
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      Greetings Keith!

      Your address to Les' take on my original concern was well
      expressed. I especially enjoyed your closing comments.

      Keith wrote:

      > ... in setting a goal, one gives every impression of
      > attaching an emotional attachment to the outcome...
      > ... one has to try to live this teaching. Accomplishing
      > this is likened by the Stoics to recovering from an
      > illness, and as with some illnesses, one's recovery
      > consists of both good days and bad days -- or so I have
      > found. It also means seeing things in a different way
      > from one's fellows, and in order to maintain social
      > relations, one may have to pretend to value outcomes
      > even tho you no longer do so.

      Jack replies:

      This appearance, about which we do not overly concern
      ourselves what people make of it, is probably fairly
      effective through keeping our own counsel. But perhaps
      there ought to be a point in some relationships where the
      diagnosis is given, and the remedy hinted at. In my
      own experience I can see how well or poorly I have lived
      by my own wisdom, and also that someone suffering might
      be able or willing to use a suggested attitude. Stoicism
      is not initially attractive to many people because it would
      seem to go against the grain of society, and this is true
      to some degree, but, people may openly admire some of
      your manifest qualities without understanding just what
      goes into your thoughtful everyday approach to life.
      I am very interested in this play of appearances, do you
      have anything to add to your two original statements?

      -- Jack Gendron --
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