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5528Re: [stoics] stoics and pride

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  • Mr Geoffrey Howard
    Apr 7, 2003
      aha. interesting.

      so if the stoic begins to feel too proud of his or her
      character... then the feeling of pride could be the
      motivator for virtuous behaviour. which would be
      seeking a seperate end rather than a eudaimonistic
      approach to the pursuit of virtue for its own sake.

      pride also assumes a certain "arrival" or
      "accomplishment". humility demands an honest
      appraisal of one's self. who knows how i will respond
      in the future? will I always be able to maintain a
      stoic calm? perhaps not.

      pride goeth before a fall ???

      --- Jan E Garrett <jangarrett@...> wrote:
      > But keep it mild, lest the pleasure itself become an
      > end (and an apparent
      > good) for you, rather than just a preferred
      > indifferent. For if it
      > becomes an end, you may get angry at yourself when
      > you do not have it,
      > and you won't have it on the next occasion in which
      > you permit a false
      > impression regarding indifferents to be persuasive.
      > Obviously, that anger
      > would itself be a sign of how far one is from virtue
      > and wisdom.

      Geoffrey Howard
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      Missouri Valley College
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