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35664Re: [stoics] Meaning of "happiness"

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  • Richard
    Feb 14, 2014
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      «Stoicism declares that if you're even slightly unhappy, you are unfree, for freedom is to able to do what makes us happy, and therefore a free man is always happy. Compare the very interesting "If Ulysses did weep and lament, [for missing his wife] he was not a good man.

      Epictetus, book three, chapter 24.»

      Dear Max,

      I agree that this is the Stoic ideal. I would only like to qualify that for those of us who are not sages yet.

      1 When I'm upset, and it's hard to eliminate that feeling, I work on a reduction of unhappiness,


      1A I've learned to almost completely eliminate my frustration over traffic jams

      1B I still experience Pathos re: members of my family, I work to reduce that. Many of us realize that we have deep attachments to family members

      2. Also, I work on eliminating secondary unhappiness, meaning not to be upset over being upset! I accept that I'm human, and that still I need more work. Beating myself up over lack of perfection is to me waste of energy.
      Regards, Richard
      Man is not worried by real problems so much as by his imagined anxieties about real problems
      ~ Epictetus
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