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35662Re: [stoics] Meaning of "happiness"

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  • brucerollman
    Feb 11, 2014

      i agree i suffer from depression and anxiety and i can't control it completely. that my thoughts, feelings and actions are not in my complete control. i can only do my best and knowing that thoughts, feelings and actions i do not like will still happen. stoicism is about accepting all of life as it is, period. still taking action but with detachment. to me it is an intellectual, western version of buddhism. yes the goal is eudaimonia and not happiness. eudaimonia will incorporate unhappiness because i can't control it completely. eudaimonia is about the will, and not about feelings. it is the proper exercise of our will to the best of our ability. it is a conscious attitude which is willed and used to respond to life with equanimity and peace. 

         i feel stoicism integrates well with other therapeutic perspectives, psychological, scientific and spiritual.

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