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35659Re: [stoics] The Danger That Comes With Valuing Externals

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  • mattmoliterno7
    Feb 7, 2014
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      Hey Valter,

      Interesting post.  I like how you say we're a part of a whole rather than just detached beings, since we were all put here on this Earth to work together.  It ties in with what Marcus Aurelius says about us being a part of a whole.  Good perspective.  

      I just think it can be very harmful to us to value anything beyond our power, because then our happiness is never consistent.  It'll constantly be at the mercy of the maintenance and possession of the external thing we value.  Upon doing this, we look to it for happiness rather than from ourselves.  The advantage we get from valuing only our selves (souls, wills, reason, virtue, etc.) is that we depend only on ourselves for happiness by using our mental faculties, which are in our control.  

      Having said that however, this doesn't mean that we should love other human beings or care for externals any less!  We should most certainly love other people with all our heart and soul, and take good care of whatever external things we possess.  In doing so, however, we must only regard our virtue as the only true good, while simultaneously showing great love and affection to others and to show we care about them by being friendly and helpful to them when necessary.  

      That concludes my post, and I look forward to hearing any other perspectives that people wish to share.  

      All The Best,


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