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The Stoic View of the Divine Fire – the god of Stoic Pantheism

Following on in the line of thought from my posts 37108 ‘Providence or Atoms’ and 37111 ‘The Manifestation of All That Is’, I will first return to
Nigel Glassborow
11:59 PM

Re: The Manifestation of All That Is

Steve, I thank you for your clarity. However I would make a couple of points. I personally am not enamoured with the ‘scientific method’, which is why I
Nigel Glassborow
11:24 PM

Re: Coenoniconism: concern for the common welfare

I agree that these two extremes are not tenable ideals to aim for as an ought or a want. That leaves a lot of middle ground.  Doesn't everyone we know (with
Steve Marquis
3:11 PM

Coenoniconism: concern for the common welfare

A.A. Long writes: Integrity bridges the gap for Epictetus between egoism and altruism, better yet, it closes the gap. I propose that Stoics can get off the
Dave Kelly
1:33 PM

Re: The Manifestation of All That Is

Nigelwrites:______________ Inresponse to my earlier post, Steve Marquis seems to doubt that Stoicmetaphysics can be compatible with modern science.  I would
Steve Marquis
10:01 AM

The Manifestation of All That Is

In response to my earlier post, Steve Marquis seems to doubt that Stoic metaphysics can be compatible with modern science. I would suggest that it is not
Nigel Glassborow
Aug 1

Re: Providence or Atoms

Hi Steve, I too have spotted the cunning ploy of the modern scientific community which is aimed at placing their profession and thoughts as being superior to
Nigel Glassborow
Jul 29

Re: Providence or Atoms

Nigel- Inthe forum files is a very short list of Stoic tenets titled ‘Basic Ideas of theStoics’ by Jan Garrett.  Grant Sterlinghas a similar list (I
Steve Marquis
Jul 29

Providence or Atoms

Over on the Stoicism Today blog both Chris Fisher and Donald Robertson have argued over the “providence or atoms” question raised in Marcus Aurelius’
Nigel Glassborow
Jul 29

Re: Introduction and questions

I second Nigel's comments. Vale, Michael van der Galien Editor-in-Chief (hoofdredacteur) De Dagelijkse Standaard Izmir, Turkey Web:
Michael van der Galien
Jul 29

Re: Introduction and questions

Welcome, An interesting concept – ethnography applied to Stoicism in the modern age. Can on-line communities actually be considered a subject for
Nigel Glassborow
Jul 29

Introduction and questions

Greetings, I'm a undergraduate at Champlain college and something of a fledging stoic. I am also writing a research paper based on modern day stoic communities
Jul 28

Re Virtue, Vice, and Indifferents: the Stoic treatement of Evil

Hi Steve, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed our discussions. Such a fulsome response. J I will say that I also had only recently fully appreciated some of
Nigel Glassborow
Jul 28

Re: Re Virtue, Vice, and Indifferents: the Stoic treatement of Evil

Nigelwrites-______________ Theissue may be solved by accepting Seneca’s guide not to get caught up byindividual words but to see the overall intent of what
    Steve Marquis
    Jul 28
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    Re: A post that I put on my facebook.

    Waldoyamada ask “If we say that "I influence myself." Would that be true?” Looking at your question from the Stoic point of view, in the Stoic teachings it
    nigel G
    Jul 24
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