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RE: [stlouis_santarchy] Santarchy 1004(Was: Re: S t L S A N T A R C H Y 2003- Sat Dec 6th)

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  • D. Michelle Vollmar
    Michelvis is in. I saw Uncle Santa and he was inquiring as well. I too would love to have it scheduled. I ll see what I can do. ... From: alix
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 1, 2004
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      Michelvis is in. I saw Uncle Santa and he was inquiring as well. I too would love to have it scheduled. I'll see what I can do.

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      From: alix [mailto:thekidalix@...]
      Sent: Sunday, October 31, 2004 5:45 PM
      To: stlouis_santarchy@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [stlouis_santarchy] Santarchy 1004(Was: Re: S t L S A N T A R C H Y 2003- Sat Dec 6th)

      OK, this was last year's announcement and schedule. So what's the plan for 2004/ Need to reserve a crash-pad hotel ASAP. Will be happy to work on any scheduling committee. Lohr, Michelvis, Satan Santa, ...??? Help!

      Blue Santa

      --- In stlouis_santarchy@yahoogroups.com, Santarchy STL <stlouissantarchy@y...> wrote:
      > Sat. Dec 6th 2003
      > HO HO uH-Oh!
      > You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm
      > telling you why: Santa Claus is coming to town!
      > It's time for St. Louis' own version of the time-honored tradition of
      > Santarchy (see www.santarchy.com). "What is Santarchy?" you ask?
      > Santarchy is an experiment in community building through creative
      > expression and diversity. It's also a super fun party.
      > Saturday December 6th, everyone with the affinity for the FrEaKy and
      > the curiosity of the CrAzY are invited to get dressed up as their own
      > inner-Santa and come join us for a day of celebration of and/or
      > protestation to the holiday season.
      > Join us for an all day march around the St. Louis area spreading
      > holiday cheer and weirdness. Don' forget to bring presents to give
      > away: lump's of coal, candy-canes, mutant toys, whatever your personal
      > inner-Santa wants to give away is appropriate.
      > Using the city Metro system the entire way, Santarchy will traverse
      > U-City, the CWE, Union Station, Soulard, and finish on Washington Ave.
      > The schedule will be firmly adhered to so Santas will be able to find
      > and join us all along the route.
      > So get your inner-Santa on and join us for StL Santarchy 2003.
      > stlouissantarchy@y...
      > www.santarchy.com
      > S A N T A R C H Y S t L
      > Sat. Dec 6th 2003
      > University City Loop
      > Noon Bar Cicero's
      > 1:30 Bar Blueberry Hill
      > 2:34 Metro Delmar Loop -> CWE 2:54
      > Central West End
      > 2:58 Bus #95 Kingshighway off at Delmar
      > 3:10 Bar Llywyn's
      > 4:00 Bar Rosie's Place
      > 4:45 Bar Tom's Bar & Grill
      > 5:54 Metro CWE - > Union Station
      > Union Station
      > 6:10 Bar Hard Rock Café
      > 7:10 Bar Have a Nice Day Café
      > 7:50 Bar Union Station Bar
      > 8:15 March March down Market to Tucker
      > 8:46 Bus #73 Carondelet W off at 12th & Russell
      > Soulard
      > 9:00 Bar Nadine's
      > 9:45 Bar Clementine's
      > 10:00 Bar The Shanti
      > 10:45 Bar Griffin's
      > 11:15 Bus #40 Broadway N off 4th & Washington
      > Washington Avenue
      > 11:25 Bus #97 Delmar W off 16th & Washington
      > 11:45 Bar The Cabin Inn the City
      > 12:30 Bar Tangerine
      > 1:15 Bar Rue 13

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