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RE: [stlouis_santarchy] Dogtown Festivities Update

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  • barbara tabor
    and public transportation is an option. we took a bus from the Hampton Loop one year. very convenient. if i can get off that day, i will be heading to
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 4, 2009
      and public transportation is an option.  we took a bus from the Hampton Loop one year.  very convenient.
      if i can get off that day, i will be heading to dogtown.  i have several other friends with connections to house parties, so i may just make the circuit. 
      you cant miss me, i'll be in the one in Orange (the other kind of Irish).
      Jim, you have to work. 
      so you can just pick my drunk butt up afterwards. 



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      Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 11:58:23 -0800
      Subject: [stlouis_santarchy] Dogtown Festivities Update

      This is from my brother Jake. He had wanted to join us for Santarchy this year but had a conflict. Perhaps we can persuade him to join us in 09!

      From Jake:
      St. Patty's day is an open house, the more the merrier.
      I think I will purchase 2 Kegs and will ask $5 a cup.
      If your friends want something other then beer then bring it, I always love Jameson whiskey if they ask ;-)
      We will tap the Keg at 8AM, so I don't mind people being there that early. I probably will be making breakfast at that time, and taking any additional donations for that. I usually make two batches of biscuits, 4 pounds of bacon and lots of green eggs.
      I think the streets are closed at 9AM and re-open at 8PM. There is limited parking in Frank's Alley (two houses down from me), and I will probably will have limited parking on my lot. So parking for your friends would be up to them, I think I am too limited on space to provide for them.
      A good place to part is the K-Mart parking lot as long as you get there early enough.
      If you can get to my house before 8AM and plan to stay until 6PM you can have a parking spot for your vehicle.

      Tricia Again:
      By the way, Jake's Biscuits are awesome.

      So, this means either get there way early and park close (That is, at Jake's, my father's house, in the alley, or at the Kmart at St. Louis Marketplace on Manchester) or get there whenever you wish but be aware that there will be a long hike and no guarantee of close parking.
      If you want a close spot and are willing to get there early, please let me know so that I can keep count and give directions.
      Otherwise, his address is:
      Jake Overkamp
      1533 Tamm ave
      St. Louis, MO 63139

      http://maps. google.com/ maps?f=q& source=s_ q&hl=en&q= 1533+Tamm+ Ave,+St+Louis, +St.+Louis+ City,+Missouri+ 63139&sll= 37.0625,- 95.677068& sspn=31.095668, 56.601563& ie=UTF8&cd= 1&geocode= FbxTTQIdlzee- g&split=0& ll=38.62304, -90.294099& spn=0.007477, 0.013819& z=16&iwloc= addr

      Here's a link to information regarding the parade time and route:
      http://stlouis. about.com/ od/topattraction s/a/Dogtown_ Parade.htm

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