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Only three days left 'til they let the Santas out!!!

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  • Santarchy STL
    S A N T A R C H Y S T L 12-21-2002 HO HO uH-Oh! Close your eyes and imagine it, gaggles of drunken Santa Clauses, men and women, stumbling en mass through
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 18, 2002
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       S A N T A R C H Y  S T L  12-21-2002

      HO HO uH-Oh! 

      Close your eyes and imagine it, gaggles of drunken Santa Clauses, men and women, stumbling en mass through St. Louis complete with presents to give away.   Of course, everyone has a different interpretation of their inner-Santa.


      Remember, this is not an organized event.   It's just an idea.   It is your own responsibility dress up, find your way around, and stay out of jail.


      Here are some questions and answers that have been posed about Santarchy:

      Q1- About passing out candy to children, �did you mean Cum Candy??  That is horrible Santarchy dude.�

      A1- No, not Cum Candy, but I'd sure like to see that.  At Santarchys around the country, a common problem is that children actually come up to drunk Santas and ask for presents.  Look at it from their perspective, It's Santa!  He must have a present, right?  I've going to have lumps of coal and candy canes for the little kids depending on if they've been naughty or nice.  Someone in Portland got arrested for giving coal wrapped in porn to a little kid.  Great idea for adults, but not so good for the lil�uns


      Q2- My friends and I want to partake in this weekend's festivities.  Do we need to bring ID's and are those over 18 but under 21 allowed to party with us too?

      A2- Partake, DEFINATELY partake in the festivities.  That's what festivities are for.  As for your question, we'll be going to bars.  Whether or not they let minors or under 21ers in is up to them.  They don't even necessarily know that we're coming. 


      Q3- Who the heck are you ANYWAY????

      A3- Hi, my name's Lohr.  Look for me.  You can't miss me.  I'll be the one dressed as Santa.


      I hope to see you out there Santa, and you too Santa, and you too Santa...


       S A N T A R C H Y  S T L  12-21-2002


      University City Loop
      3:00 - Blueberry Hill
      4:00 - Halo Bar
      4:53 - MetroLink to Central West End

      Central West End
      5:00 - Rosie's Place
      6:00 - Toms Bar & Grill
      6:48 - MetroLink to Union Station

      Downtown / Union Station
      7:00 - Hard Rock Caf�
      8:00 - Have A Nice Day Cafe (Re-Group)
      9:00 - March down Market to Tucker
      9:46 - Bi-State bus, #73 Carondelet Westbound
      on at Tucker and Market
      off at 12th and Russell

      10:00 - John D. McGurks
      10:45 - Nadines
      11:30 - Mike'n'Min's
      12:15 - The Shanti

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