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Re: [stlouis_santarchy] rides???

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  • Gabriel Branch
    Santa doesn t need cars. He rides on a sleigh and rudolph drives. ... -- Sent from my mobile device They are not jackbooted Nazi thugs. They are merely German
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      Santa doesn't need cars. He rides on a sleigh and rudolph drives.

      On 12/16/08, barbara tabor <barbaratabor@...> wrote:
      > I only have 2 rules for outings such as this:
      > Nobody goes to the hospital, Nobody goes to jail.
      > Driving after 12+ hours of drinking is a bad idea. Maybe you don't drink,
      > or you think you'll stop and sober up, but for most of us - drinking and
      > driving don't mix.
      > We usually stay with friends or grab a hotel when we have points to do it
      > free. If you don't have this option, maybe you have a friend or family
      > member that will pick you up at the end of the night. A cab is probably
      > about 1% of the price of a DUI.
      > If you feel you must have your car at the end of the night, park you car at
      > where you will end and use public transportation to get to where you will
      > join Santarchy.
      > Choose tripfinder on http://tripfinder.metrostlouis.org/ to find a route
      > that works for you.
      > _____
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      > Subject: Re: [stlouis_santarchy] rides???
      > I realise I'm just a lone long-time lurker who has never participated, but
      > this is a good point. The reason I don't participate is dealing with the
      > hassle of being on the opposite end of town from my wheels at 2 AM when this
      > thing ends... Has anybody ever considered a circular route, instead of a
      > straight line?
      > just my 4 cents...
      > Peace-n-stuff
      > Mike
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      >>Subject: [stlouis_santarchy] rides???
      >>so how are you are planning on getting home from santarchy?
      >>Are you metro linking the whole way? Are you cabbing from home and back?
      >>I am curious, cause it seems since the route has changed this year, a
      >>couple of peep are just thinking about what to do when santa needs to
      >>go home.
      >>G and I are cabbing it...does there need to be some reasonable start
      >>off point from Grand-ish area? SO santa's can park, hitch on the
      >>metro and meet up in U-City at Noon then be close to where their cars are?
      >>Wasn't there talk of an after party?????
      >>Also, should there be a better buddy system this year? Lohr, you know
      >>what I am talking about.

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      "They are not jackbooted Nazi thugs. They are merely German policemen
      in spiffy uniforms here to help us."
      - Vichy government (1941 - 1945)
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