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RE: [stlouis_santarchy] Santarchy Date....(a long missive) - a medium sized reply

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  • James E. Semar, CEBS
    also, as many have done in the past, a truncated SanTarchY is an option
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 13, 2008
      also, as many have done in the past, a truncated SanTarchY is an option
    • Michelle Vollmar Powers
      yes, Yes, YES! I mean, HO, HO, HO! I agree, and with the same tone and intent. Although I think I m one of the lucky ones, because I can at least make it,
      Message 2 of 5 , Nov 13, 2008

        yes, Yes, YES!  I mean, HO, HO, HO!  I agree, and with the same tone and intent.  Although I think I’m one of the lucky ones, because I can at least make it, but will be on my own – God only knows what will become of me.  Ho, ho, uh-oh! 

        If anarchy was easy, everyone would be doing it-uhm, so to speak.  But what about all those good (and bad) little boys and girls that might not get a visit from santa?  Brings a little scotch tear to my eye : (  Last year just wouldn’t have been the same without all those kids at the tattoo parlor -- and I mean that!  The only saving grace is that I know we will be going places that some can hitchhike, bus, (train), or yellow cab (santa bus) it.  I already miss everyone who can’t make it, seriously; and, I know that my drinking for you won’t make you feel any better, but it will make me miss you more…I mean, forget that I miss you more.  I hope something changes, so you all can make it.  I’m a dreamer, what can I say.  The sled must go on…

        Jingle my bells,


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        While I don't want to turn the Santarchy date into some big
        controversial topic, I am going to chime in here with my two cents.

        From what I have read, the only real reasons why the 20th is the
        current date was the availability of the school bus for private
        transportation and the pending road construction. While I agree that
        the use of public transportation has been problematic in the past,
        especially later at night, it has also always been one of the best
        parts of Santarchy. Riding the bus or Metro in full regalia at various
        stages of inebriation throughout the day was always an adventure.
        Waiting at the various stops always made time for fun, clandestine
        flask use, great timing for a quick smoke, and excellent opportunities
        to interact with the public. Yes the school bus would be "convenient, "
        but would it really be Santarchy without the ritual of public

        Regarding the road construction information that was posted earlier
        using this link as a reference:
        http://www.stltoday .com/stltoday/ news/special/ navigatinghighwa y40.nsf/story/ 980CE0A91021FA5B 8625739A0022B9DB ?OpenDocument
        The story at the link is from 2007... If I am misreading and there is
        actually going to be construction at Kingshighway this year...so be
        it. That phase of the Hwy 40 rebuild is starting whether we like it or
        not, and will still be occurring on the 20th as well, I'd assume.

        Now, we all know that Santarchy is actually a two day event...one day
        to be Santa, and one day to sleep it off. With the date being set on
        the 20th, Sunday the 21st is gone as well....that really doesn't leave
        much time for last minute Christmas preparations. Many extended
        families gather together the weekend before Christmas, allowing
        smaller, immediate family gatherings on Christmas eve and Christmas
        day. If one were planning to travel over the holidays, the
        weekend/week before is probably when most people would be planning to
        leave. Then there is the issue of those that work in retail. Having
        been in that unenviable position myself in the past, I can attest that
        the weekend/week before Christmas is a time that is nearly impossible
        to take off of work, and while at work, you had better not be hungover
        because its going to be hell if you are.

        Lastly, I would like to also mention that many workplaces tend to hold
        their holiday parties the Saturday before Christmas. I know that mine
        does, as well as Cheryl's. I know that we have several school and
        workplace acquaintances that are excited about the prospect of their
        first Santarchy, that would likely be unable to attend on the 20th.
        While it would be theoretically possible to do multiple events, it
        would mean being unable to enjoy Santarchy the way it should be enjoyed.

        If there are reasons for choosing the 20th over the 13th that I am
        unaware of, I am sorry. I can only base this argument on what I have
        read on this board. Yes, my reasons for writing this are entirely
        selfish- I want Cheryl and I to be able to go to Santarchy 2008, all
        day, all night, the full, interactive, inebriated experience. I want
        to see all of my Santarchy friends decked out in their red and white
        finery, wreaking havoc across the countryside. It saddens me to think
        that I may not get to sing refrains of the never ending "You Better
        Watch Out!" or hear the infamout cry of "HO HO HO, SANTA'S GOTTA GO!"
        If the 20th remains the chosen date, then I am afraid that this sad
        eventuality will come to pass.

        Enough ranting from me for now, sorry for the length,

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