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OT: FREE Birth Control for 3 YEARS!

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  • brniidgirl
    I have a friend (yes it s true--I do, but I m not here to brag) and she works for The Choice Project. It is a state funded program intended solely to provide
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2008
      I have a friend (yes it's true--I do, but I'm not here to brag) and
      she works for The Choice Project.

      It is a state funded program intended solely to provide 10,000 women
      (**more if possible) with FREE birth control of their choice for 3
      years. In fact, the good folks there even give you GIFT CERTIFICATES
      for participating!

      It is a win/win situation!

      They give you a wellness physical, test you for all the latest and
      coolest STDs, and even warm the speculum for you! The best part is,
      YOU get to choose what kind of birth control you want, and YOU DON'T
      PAY ONE RED CENT! All they ask is that, IF you have health insurance,
      you get them to cover whatever they are willing to pay. Whatever is
      left over, The Choice Project will gladly pay, so absolutely NOTHING
      will come out of your pocket! If you don't have insurance, NO
      WORRIES! They will HOOK YOU UP as well!

      **The Choice Project received only a certain amount of funding, so
      anything that can be footed by the much lauded insurance companies,
      allows the Project to extend their hand to MORE THAN the 10,000 women
      the Project originally planned to benefit.

      Ladies, what more could you ask for? I got mine and BOY HOWDY, am I
      pleased! I feel like I could make sweet, sweet love to the entire
      world now, and I won't have to worry anymore about that pesky
      unintentional impregnation problem that used to bother me

      Plus, I can get $15 worth of hard liquor and pork rinds
      entirely ON THEM! They gave me a $15 gift certificate for Schnuck's
      for my time... When you go for any check-ups, they will give you a
      gift certificate for those, as well.


      The Choice Project: 314-747-0800. They are conveniently located in
      the BJC clusterf*ck at Taylor Avenue and Clayton Road, so you can get
      some fresh, worry-free strange immediately afterwards at the Atomic

      Tell them Lana sent you!

      "It's so easy! Now you can be, too!"
      --UNofficial motto of The Choice Project
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