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RE: [stlouis_santarchy] StL S A N T A R C H Y 2007 Preliminary Schedule - Union Station

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  • D. Michelle Vollmar Powers
    Don t know if you re still looking for Union Station info, but: * I believe the sports bar previously mentioned is Ultra Lounge on the first floor,
    Message 1 of 9 , Dec 3, 2007

      Don’t know if you’re still looking for Union Station info, but:


      ·         I believe the “sports bar” previously mentioned is “Ultra Lounge” on the first floor, West of the main entrance on North side (where Rout 66 brewery used to be). Phone: 863-0005


      ·         There’s a bar where Casa used to be (between Houlihan’s and Key West ) called The Shed. Phone 802-3148.


      ·         It seems to me that Key West (open to a large common area, albeit very small) has always been drinker friendly – maybe a fast shot spot? And, my old post-Blues game bartender from the late Kelley O’Toole’s (sp?) is supposed to be starting there soon; so, if you want I know we could talk him into something.


      ·         There’s a basketball game that day, but I don’t know what time………opportunity knocking??? Or just a jammed up Link?  Dunno.



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      Hi guys, Sorry this has taken SOO long,
      but it's a pretty tricky schedule to make
      work. I have what shall be the essence
      of our schedule, which I have included
      below, but it is NOT DONE.

      1. I must re-confirm all of the Metro times.
      2. I must figure out the
      Any suggestions?
      3. Also, I'm considering shortening the
      Grove portion and therefore expanding
      something previous. Any suggestions?

      StL SANTARCHY 2007

      December 15th, 2007

      University City
      noon Bar Cicero's
      1:10 Bar Blueberry Hill
      1:50 Metro Delmar -> Forest Park DeBaliviere
      Forest Park
      2:05 Museum St. Louis History Museum
      2:45 Metro Forest Park -> CWE Eastbound
      Union Station
      3:50 Bar Union Station Lobby Bar
      4:05 Metro Union Station -> CWE Westbound
      Central West End
      4:40 Bus #18 Taylor off McPherson
      4:50 Bar Llywyn's
      5:30 Bar Rosie's Place
      6:16 Bus Civic Center Station
      #59 Shaw-Kirkwood Northbound
      off at Manchester & Tower Grove
      The Grove
      6:35 Bar Amp
      7:35 Bar Atomic Cowboy
      8:35 Bar Novak's
      9:25 Bus Manchester & Tower Grove
      #59 Shaw-Kirkwood Northbound
      off at 12th & Russell
      9:45 Bar Clementine's
      10:30 Bar The Shanti
      11:15 Bar 1860's Hardshell Cafe
      12:00 Bar Molly's

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