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RE: [stlouis_santarchy] But what about the other ideas?

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  • barbara tabor
    Brad, A metro day pass ($4.50) covers the metro link and buses all day. We can get within ½ mile of just about any of the places you’ve listed. But you
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      A metro day pass ($4.50) covers the metro link and buses all day.

      We can get within ½ mile of just about any of the places you’ve listed. 

      But you can’t always get from one point to another in a direct line (reasonable travel time).

      I made up ‘a what if’ list last week.  Spreadsheets: point to point possibilities and the schedules to back them up.

      It did include science center as a possibility.  But rather than resend a big file, check back.  If you need me to – I can resend it.

      It did not include City Museum (the cabin) because I was not aware it was reopened.

      Additions to the possibilies are: #57 goes from city museum to the grove & #59 goes from the grove to soulard.


      As much as we enjoy the interaction of public transit – we can only travel so long without a beverage or a potty stop.

      Party optimization is a huge task, and we all should be thankful we have someone crazier enough to attempt it.  



      PS - I still think it would be fun to have the santa’s picture taken with Stan the Man at Busch stadium – right across from Metrolink stop.

      Add an A and swap some letters around ‘Santa the Man’.


      Hey Santa, Ho Santa, Santa Santa Hey.






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      science center and history museum and Definitely a mall

      On Nov 21, 2007 3:30 PM, Tricia Overkamp <feyqueenmab@ yahoo.com> wrote:

      > Ok, so the "Santas At Strip Clubs" idea was vetoed. No problem.
      > I'm much more interested in response to my *other* ideas. I know that
      > at least one of us has no interest in connecting with the Royal Dumpe
      > (Shame, that. I have friends who do the late night show...)
      > Science
      w:st="on">Center ?
      > History
      w:st="on">Museum ?
      > Art Museum?
      > City
      w:st="on">Museum ?
      > Mall?
      > I'm game for restaurants, public venues, coffeehouses, museums, the
      > Washington District, the CWE, Cherokee street, South Grand, Soulard,
      > Union Station, or whatever... but if we have to do more than one bus
      > away from the Metrolink (incorporating transfers), I worry that we
      > will lose Santas along the way.
      > Does buying a day pass cover buses?

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