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RE: [stlouis_santarchy] StL S A N T A R C H Y

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  • barbara tabor
    Its probably best we change public places each year. they seemed to enjoy as at the history museum, but they may have just been being polite. Let me do some
    Message 1 of 62 , Nov 13, 2007

      Its probably best we change public places each year.  they seemed to enjoy as at the history museum, but they may have just been being polite.


      Let me do some research.  

      I just wish we could predict the weather.  Walking a mile is easy, but when the chill factor is below zero it aint so much fun. 

      Maybe I can figure out a good weather plan, and a not so good weather plan.


      We might be able to bus from science center to the grove, and we might be able to bus from the grove to south grand.

      I will check on our 1 bus options.  I don’t see us making a bunch of transfers.


      And in response to another email.  The bar at union station is pricey, but I’ve had some great times there.  One year a bride insisted on a picture with all the santas.  I think it was last year there were a bunch of physicians at a conference and they were a hoot.   I like mixing the high-end with the low-end.    But if skipping union station enables some of the other ideas, that would be fine with me.  I once was a poor college student (long long ago).  Our budget’s a little tight this year too.  12 hours of eating, drinking and tipping can add up.   That’s why I suggested we incorporate white castle/taco bell into our path.   



      From: stlouis_santarchy@yahoogroups.com [mailto: stlouis_santarchy@yahoogroups.com ] On Behalf Of Lohr
      Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 7:01 PM
      To: stlouis_santarchy@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [stlouis_santarchy] StL S A N T A R C H Y


      Barbara, I LOVE the Science Center idea.
      Do you think we could we get there with
      the metro system? without hiking across
      Forest Park ? Or maybe we SHOULD hike
      across Forest Park ! and do something
      IN the park!


      --- barbara tabor <barbaratabor@ hotmail.com> wrote:

      ------------ --------- --------- ---

      i wrote this 'too long' email yesterday, so it may be
      a little out of sync with some of the recent
      responses. my email locked and i couldnt send it -
      and i'm too lazy to re-edit it now. it would probably
      just get longer.

      -lazy claus

      what's wrong with being a betch? its been working for
      me for years.

      i hope everyone realizes how much work Lohr and his
      elves do to create the schedule. they have to
      coordinate fun places, that might provide specials for
      us, with the accessibility of public transit and its
      saturday schedule. mixing in some walking and public
      spaces, because its more than a pub crawl. and then he
      has to try to please all of us. that's a tougher job
      than delivering present around the world in one night.

      the clubs of washington ave were dropped because they
      just werent that fun at the time of evening we were
      hitting them (and the cabin closed). this can be true
      of other areas. but then again, we are our own party
      so it doesnt really matter where we go. i've had as
      much fun getting to the bars as i've had at them.
      nothin's more fun than 20+ santas on a bus.

      imo, spreading the santarchy experience to new areas
      is always a good idea. but it has to be doable. how
      would we get to/from there (bus schedules/metrolink ?).
      where might it make sense to add this spot to the
      schedule. list particular bars and contacts you might

      any ideas for new publlic spaces that would fit the
      schedule? i thought the history museum was great last
      year. but I would like to do a different/similar type
      of location this year. one with beverage options is a
      big plus. or just someplace we can stroll thru - being
      thrown out of is optional. maybe in 2008 the st. louis
      centre will be reopened.

      maybe if we add "the grove", we can get a stop in at
      the Science Center . amuse the people waiting to get
      into bodyworks. or a dozen of us could take a segway
      lesson. Santas on segways - now thats cool. (but not

      whatever the schedule ends up to be, it will be good
      overall. we will have loads of fun.

      You can please some of the Santas all of the time, You
      can please all of the Santas some of the time, but you
      cant please all of the Santas all of the time.


      From: Lana Camp <brniidgirl@yahoo. com>
      Reply-To: stlouis_santarchy@ yahoogroups. com
      To: stlouis_santarchy@ yahoogroups. com
      Subject: Re: [stlouis_santarchy] StL S A N T A R C H Y
      Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 14:54:05 -0800 (PST)

      · The Landing is perpetually lame (apologies to
      anyone who frequents this college
      fratboy/girls- gone-wild pukefest--I' m too old and too
      anal to clean vomit off my shoes) .

      · I think The Grove is a fantastic hotspot; new
      and fresh...AC knows and loves most of us. Amp,
      Novak's and Attitudes will get a huge kick out of us,
      and the ChurchKey will certainly have a ball seeing
      our throng of North Pole Soopah Stahhz.

      · U-City is always a classic good time had by

      · Downtown is good; they need the excitement,

      · SouthGrand would be most appreciated by me,
      seeing as how I am their Princess (see: word on the
      street, RFT) and they could use a little culture,
      'cause they are sooo unhip(that was called sarcasm for
      all who couldn't tell).

      · The CWE is great too, but I could give or
      take it, personally.. .It IS close to a MetroLink
      Station and you can't beat that with a candy cane.

      So that's my two cents for this year's locales of
      jolly, liquor-filled belligerence. I hope I didn't
      offend too many people by my opinions--some say I give
      constructive criticism... others will call me a
      betch...Either way, I MUST LET IT ALL OUT!

      ----- Original Message ----
      From: Bapi Gupta <bapigupta@yahoo. com>
      To: stlouis_santarchy@ yahoogroups. com
      Sent: Monday, November 12, 2007 4:09:34 PM
      Subject: Re: [stlouis_santarchy] StL S A N T A R C H Y

      I've been trying to lure Lohr away from the landing as
      well, since my friend Barbie is no longer working at
      Joey B's (though I do know the whole staff of Big
      Daddy's and the Feisty Bulldog is still an option).
      I'm thinking south Grand would be a good stop before
      Soulard. Or if we have do the Landing, maybe a stop by
      Broadway Oyster Bar/Beale on Broadway/BB' s/Johnny
      Macs might be an idea.

      I'm hip for Grove district. Are we on the 8th or 15th?
      I need to ask off work.


      ----- Original Message ----
      From: rain <caritasrainbow@ yahoo.com>
      To: stlouis_santarchy@ yahoogroups. com
      Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2007 2:42:57 PM
      Subject: RE: [stlouis_santarchy] StL S A N T A R C H Y

      I definately suggest the Grove district. Personally,
      I'm not sure the West End is all that important?
      That's just my two cents, but I would bet that if we
      hit Amp, Atomic, and possibly Novak's and/or
      Attitudes, we could at least get some drink specials
      from Amp and Atomic.

      --- barbara tabor <barbaratabor@ hotmail.com> wrote:

      > That decides when.
      > New idea for where: add one or more of the bars
      > south of Busch stadium
      > (metro link stop), depending upon who wants us.
      > Lots of options, and then just a short walk to
      > Soulard.
      > Just listing, not recommendations, may have missed
      > some. Preferences with
      > *, and I think these places would want us.
      > depending upon what time we hit that area, the clubs
      > with live music may not
      > be willing to let us in free. (beale, bb's, b'way
      > oyster bar)
      > how about a photo of the Santa's with Stan the Man
      > statue?
      > 7th street :
      > Paddy-o's
      > Al Hrabowsky's
      > Kilroys's
      > That little corner bar that keeps changing names -
      > not sure if open on a
      > Saturday night.
      > (Eat rite for some burgers to go)
      > Old Rock House *
      > Broadway:
      > Beale St
      > BB's Blues & Soup
      > Whatever Kelly's is this week
      > Broadway Oyster Bar
      > (white castle, taco bell, rally's for cheap eats for
      > our budget minded
      > santas)
      > Shamrock *(friends are having a party there so it
      > should be open and
      > possibly a band)
      > Shamrock liquors (for new pints - but not sure how
      > late they're open)
      > You better watch out!

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    • Rebecka Wyrde
      5 random rules fo new york city sidewalk santas (from the volunteers of America guidebook) 1. No garlic or raw onions. Two words: breath mints 2. Don t climb
      Message 62 of 62 , Nov 25, 2007
        5 random rules fo new york city sidewalk santas
        (from the volunteers of America guidebook)
        1. No garlic or raw onions. Two words: breath mints
        2. Don't climb down, sit on, or lean against your chimney collection box.
        3. If a child asks, "Are you really Santa Claus?" reply, "I'm Santa's helper.  The big guy is at the North Pole getting ready for Christmas."
        4. Don't accessorize you snow-white Santa beard with crumbly potato chips or sticky candy canes.  In the beard department, less is more.
        5. Do ring your bell rhythmically and say your ho-ho-ho's joyfully.  Remember: you are an icon with an image to maintain.
        So Santa's . . . maintain that image ;)

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