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StL S A N T A R C H Y is ON for TOMORROW Dec 9th

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  • Lohr
    HO HO uH-Oh! You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I m telling you why: Santarchy is coming to town! It s time for St. Louis own
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2006
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      HO HO uH-Oh! You better watch out, you better not cry,
      you better not pout, I'm telling you why: Santarchy is
      coming to town!

      It's time for St. Louis' own version of the
      time-honored tradition of Santarchy. "What is
      Santarchy?" you say? Santarchy is better experienced
      than explains, but I'll tell you this. Saturday
      December 9th, all those with the affinity for the
      FrEaKy, the curiosity of the CrAzY are invited to get
      dressed up in a Santa Suit and come join us in a day
      of celebration of and/or protestation to the holiday

      Dress as your own inner Santa and join us for an all
      day march all around St. Louis spreading holiday cheer
      and presents. Yes, presents too. If you come across
      the Mob of Santa's on December 9th you will most
      likely leave with a gift. Previous gifts have included
      candy-canes, lumps of coal, mutant toys, vegetables,
      special prizes, and many other twisted gifts for the
      naughty and nice little boys and girls.

      Santa's were heard incessantly chanting, "You better
      Watch Out! You better Watch Out! You better Watch Out!
      You better Watch Out!..." as they rampaged through the

      The Santa mob will convene in the University City
      Loop, traverse via the MetroLink, a quick stop at the
      History Museum, then onto the Central West End, on
      through Union Station, stop off at Laclede's Landing
      continuing and concluding in Soulard. It's a long
      day, so wear comfortable shoes. Also, feel free to
      join us anywhere along the route. The published
      schedule will be reasonable enforced.

      So get your Santa Suit on and come join us for StL
      Santarchy 2006.

      StL SANTARCHY 2006
      December 9th, 2006

      University City
      noon Bar Cicero's
      1:15 Bar Blueberry Hill
      1:58 Metro Delmar -> Forest Park
      Forest Park
      2:05 Museum St. Louis History Museum
      2:45 Metro Forest Park -> CWE
      Central West End
      3:10 Bus #18 Taylor off McPherson
      3:20 Bar Llywyn's
      4:15 Bar Rosie's Place
      5:10 Metro CWE -> Union Station
      Union Station
      5:30 Bar Union Station Lobby Bar
      6:47 Metro Union Station -> Landing
      Laclede's Landing
      7:00 Shop Doctor John's
      7:30 Bar Joey B's
      8:50 Metro Landing -> Conv Center 6th
      9:07 Bus Washington Ave @ 6th
      #30 Soulard/#40 Broadway
      off at Broadway & Russell
      9:30 Bar The Shanti
      11:00 Bar 1860's Hardshell Cafe
      12:00 Bar Molly's

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