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Re: [stlouis_santarchy] Metro Fares

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    Shouldn t that be Santa got lap ? ________________________________ From: Michelle Vollmar Powers To:
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      Shouldn't that be  "Santa got lap" ?

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      Yep.  Santa‚Äôs got lap.

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      We sit on each other's laps...Barro..you can sit on my lap anytime...

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      Someone on Facebook brought up a point that is probably worth asking about.. Considering how many people are confirmed to be going, and I know one person who said she knows another 10 people going that just heard about this from the RFT press last year,  what happens if the bus is full? I've never ridden a bus before in St. Louis ..



      On 12/8/2010 12:15 PM, barbara tabor wrote:


      for those who havent done this, the MetroLink & bus rides are a big part of this experience & loads of fun!
      the day pass is now $7.50.  this may not be your best option.
      plan ahead - correct change will make the mass transit experience easier.
      metro from U-city to Union Station  $2.25
      metro from 8th & pine to civic center, bus to 12th & russel  - Two Hour pass $2.75
      bus from soulard to grand - $2
      total $7, and very few will make beginning to end. 





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