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  • Lohr
    ARTICA!!! See you there everyone.  And remember, bring a flashlight,and good shoes. and if you had not heard, here is the link to Riverfront Times writeup.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2010
      See you there everyone.  And remember, bring a flashlight,and good shoes. and if
      you had not heard, here is the link to Riverfront Times writeup.

      It's time once again to gather the tribes!

      Saturday October 9th, 11:00am to Midnight
      Sunday October 10th, Noon to 8:00pm

      Location: The corner of Lewis and Dickson Streets on the North Riverfront

      Artica invites you all to summon your muses, pack up your gear and gather once
      again for St. Louis' most spectacular fab-dilly-iscious weekend of art,
      performance, music, ritual and creative revelry!

      Didn't get a proposal in? Well it's not too late! There's still time and space
      available to participate. Just email Artica2003@... with your idea and we'll
      find a site that's just right!

      Special Participatory Events!

      The Social Dreaming Matrix
      Saturday at 11:00am

      This year the Artica festivities start with the Social Dreaming Matrix. Join the
      Social Dreamers as they guide us through the spiral of our collective dreams.
      After the dreamtime has concluded feel free to creatively express yourself in
      your own way.

      The Boat of Dreams Parade
      Sunday at 2:00pm

      Don your wackiest costume! Create a biodegradable boat and join us as we parade
      to the river's edge to release our dreams! We also welcome any musicians to
      accompany us. Or just bring a drum and sing or hum!

      Extreme Croquet
      Sunday at 3:00pm

      This ain't your gramma's lawn game! This loosely "competitive" event will take
      you through some of the most challenging courses in croquet history! The rules
      are nebulous and the prize is just a piece of junk! Create your own mallet and
      bring a ball small enough to fit through a standard croquet wicket. Cheating is

      Responsibility and Preparations
      Remember, at Artica we are all responsible for ourselves and the well being of
      our fellow Articans. Bring your own food and beverages (and some to share!).
      Whatever you pack in you pack out (remove your own trash). Be prepared for any
      type of weather. Wear sturdy shoes and sensible clothes. Be aware of your

      Artica's New Neighbors
      Artica has new neighbors this year. The downturn in the economy has
      unfortunately left some people without homes and there are new neighbors
      encamped just west of the floodwall. It is very important that we respect these
      people and their spaces. Please contain your activity and creativity to the
      appropriate Artica site.

      The Ever Fluid Schedule of Art and Events…

      Saturday October 9th

      11:00-12:00 Social Dreaming Matrix The Peak
      all invited to participate
      12:00-1:00 Yoga with Josh The Peak
      all invited to particpate
      3:00-5:00 Johnny Vancouver Loading Dock magical music
      5:00-6:00 Sacred Healing Dance Lewis Street
      soul healing/chant/dance
      7:00-8:00 Giant puppets/Joe Neaf Dickson Street
      puppets and projection
      8:00-9:00 Our Lady of Artica The Plateau
      effigy burn
      10:00-11:00 Tom Woods Loading Dock
      magical music

      Ongoing or Random Intervals

      Collab One Art interactive performance with dancers,
      musicians, artists
      Peter Schroeder roving circus performances
      Sarah Paulsen Memory Drive (recall, redraw, release)
      Tom Sleet Infinite Line and t-shirt silk screening
      John Goddard cooking and singing and dancing
      Snack Jacket magical music TBA

      Art Projects

      Elisa Sugar earthwork installation
      Rebecca Wyrde fabric installation
      Matt Peirson/Tim Wagner live painting
      Erin Taylor camera obscura
      Charles and Chalot Douglas Book Stations of the cross for
      moto boy
      Dan O'brien/Amy Scherer Flipper baby bucky ball
      Hap Phillips Sacred solar lights

      Sunday October 10th

      12:00-2:00 Celestial Theatre Lewis Street Nero Burns Performance
      2:00-3:00 Boat of Dreams parade Lewis Street all invited to participate
      3:00-5:00 Extreme Croquet Mini Mounds
      all invited to participate
      5:00-8:00 Potluck and BBQ
      Bring a grill, food and beverages to share!

      Directions: Take Washington Ave. east to Lenore K. Sullivan Blvd., go north on
      Sullivan Blvd., pass the old President Casino and keep going till you see



      Information and Social Networking:

      Due to technical difficulties our web presence at this time is on Facebook

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