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  • Lohr
    Artica 2009: Time Travelers Homecoming Winter Solstice event on December 19, 2009 CALL TO ARTISTS-Deadline is November 19, 2009 Artists, musicians, poets,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25, 2009
      Artica 2009: Time Travelers' Homecoming

      Winter Solstice event on December 19, 2009

      CALL TO ARTISTS-Deadline is November 19, 2009

      Artists, musicians, poets, performers and creative citizens are invited
      to participate in Artica 2009.
      Artica is a multi-media outdoor participatory arts festival developed to
      provide the people of the St. Louis metropolitan area with the
      opportunity to come together as a community through creative

      Artica 2009 will take place on Saturday, December 19th from noon to
      midnight in the area around Dickson and Lewis Streets north of the
      Gateway Arch.

      Honoraiums will be awarded to individuals and collaborative teams
      selected by jury that meet the following guidelines and fulfill the
      artists' responsibilities.

      These will be cash awards to assist artists in creating large-scale
      installation and performance art projects based on Artica's ability
      to fund art.


      Although we welcome all manner of ideas and projects, particular
      consideration will be given to works that are in some way interactive,
      participatory or landscape-oriented and hold relevance to the history of
      this area or the Mississippi River.

      The organizers reserve the right to refuse any proposal that may be
      harmful or dangerous to the environment, wildlife or humans.

      All work will be exposed to the elements and unprotected from scavengers
      and vandals.

      Be aware that this area is in constant development and decay. Your
      selected site may change at any time. Please be flexible.



      All artists are responsible for any expenses incurred in creating,
      producing, installing, maintaining and removing their work.


      After the festival, artists may choose to remove their work or leave it
      on the site. Controlled and beautiful decay can be a beautiful and valid
      artistic statement. However artists should be respectful of public and
      private property and of safety issues.


      Anyone requiring special needs such as water, generators, electricity,
      lighting, projection, sound systems, etc. must provide their own
      equipment and have the expertise to operate such equipment in an outdoor
      environment, as well as coordinate the set up and use of said equipment
      with the organizers of Artica.


      There may be other artists who require the same needs and are willing to
      share expenses, responsibility and expertise. The organizers will do
      their best to create a contact network of artists for sharing resources.

      CLEAN UP

      This is a leave no trace event, other than art and goodwill. Our goal is
      to leave the Artica area cleaner that we found it. We want to create a
      positive impact on this community not only with our art but also with
      our behavior. Therefore it is the responsibility of all artists to
      participate in cleanup activities.


      It is highly recommended that artists tour the Artica site before making
      any proposals. This area always changes and has changed dramatically
      since we were last here. We will post times when we have scheduled site
      visits. You may tour the site at your own convenience and a map and
      directions are available on the Artica web site.


      Deadline for Application is November 19, 2009

      It's easy.

      Email a simple one page description of what, where and when you would
      like to do something to artica2003@... <mailto:artica2003@...>
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