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Re: [stlouis_santarchy] Free costume class at Jackman's...

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  • Beverly Long
    Nuts!!!! I am in classes learning administration/word/micro soft during those hours! I do know how to sew, embroider, and I sew a lot of stuff . I am sewing a
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 19, 2009
      Nuts!!!! I am in classes learning administration/word/micro soft during those hours! I do know how to sew, embroider, and I sew a lot of 'stuff". I am sewing a mermaid costume for the jefferson underground halloween costume party, october 31. is anyone intereseted?

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      Thanks for posting about this. This is a wonderful
      opportunity for Santas everywhere.


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      > Sorry if this is off-topic, but it
      > occurred to me that a Tabard is the perfect kind of costume
      > accessory for Christmas Elves (and even Santas...)
      > I work at Jackman's and this year they finally let me teach
      > some Costume Classes in the Sewing Machine department! We
      > ran classes on every Friday for the last four weeks,
      > learning how to make a hooded cloak, a t-tunic/robe, an
      > embroidered candle corset, and a pair of baggy costume
      > pants.
      > I have one more class in the "Freaky Friday" series.
      > It's tomorrow, October 16th from 11am to 1pm and it is
      > FREE!!
      > For our Final Freaky Friday we're learning to make a
      > Tabard, but there's a bonus: If you come for the class, you
      > will get to embroider your Tabard *FOR FREE*!
      > A tabard is a very useful garment, particularly if you want
      > to costume as a fantasy knight or medieval character. It's
      > excellent to be a clock-punk era musketeer! It can even be a
      > sideless surcoat for a lady. It can be easily adapted to be
      > an Elf costume if you make it out of green or
      > red-and-green.
      > You will get to use our amazing sewing machines and sergers
      > and embroidery machines! You will have to buy your own
      > fabric, so if You want to attend the class please make sure
      > to allow a little extra time for fabric shopping.
      > If you want to call in advance to sign up, the number is
      > (314)994-1060.
      > Jackman's is open until 9pm tonight, or you can call in the
      > morning to warn us of your arrival. :)
      > Oh, yeah:
      > Jackman's Fabrics has three locations. This class is being
      > held at the location on Lindbergh between Page and Olive.
      > In case you wanted to just come to a random Jackman's
      > sometime to see our wonderful selection of fabrics, the
      > other two locations are as follows:
      > McKenzie Point Plaza (The strip mall where McKenzie
      > dead-ends into Watson Road, east of Kenrick plaza and just
      > west of where Chippewa and Watson merge.
      > Shrewsbury, MO 63119
      > 1000 Lincoln Highway
      > 3/4 mile east of St. Clair Square
      > Fairview Heights, IL 62208
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