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86As Seen on TV - Go Shopping For Free!

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  • marilynrosen2000
    Jun 5, 2004
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      This is without a doubt every persons dream. I just have to take a
      moment to share this with you because it will change your life too!
      I was at a friends house three weeks ago when a program came on
      television that was about savings huge amounts of money and getting
      truckloads of freebies. We joined that program instantly and it has
      been the best thing we have ever done. In a metter of only three
      weeks Lee and I have accumulated dozens of freebies, samples and
      trials, over $200 in free restaurant gift certificates and tons of
      groceries for pennies on the dollar. I don't know about my friend
      but I was definately finding it hard to make ends meet before this
      came along. The programs are located at two different sites. The
      restaurant gift certificate program is at:
      http://networkofsavings.com and the grocery program is at:
      http://www.wrldofproducts.com I am so grateful to have found this
      that I thought it is only right to share the news so that someone
      else may also benefit!

      Mother of Todd and Mary