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77St. Louis Burner community meet’n’greet - March 24th

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  • Lohr
    Mar 23, 2004
      30 Days until InterFuse!
      160 Days until Burning Man!
      178 Days until Artica!
      I guess we had better get Busy!!!

      It�s time for another St. Louis Burner community
      meet�n�greet. ~FIRE!~
      Cabin Inn the City
      701 N 15th St., St. Louis, MO 63103
      Wednesday, March 24, 7:30pm

      Come downtown to ~FIRE!~ the Cabin Inn the City
      outside the City Museum. Bring your Burning Man
      photos if you have them to share. If you are just
      ~FIRE!~ curious about what the heck I�m talking about,
      come check it out. We like to answer questions
      ~FIRE!~, and we like to meet new people~FIRE!~. I�ll
      try to remember to wear my goofy knit hat with the
      flames on it so I am easily recognized

      This Wednesday we will be talking about InterFuse, the
      Midwest Regional Burn ~FIRE!~ happening April 23-25 in
      Columbia, MO. We are going to schedule a dome making
      party. If anyone has the wherewithal to plan and work
      on a theme camp ~FIRE!~ for InterFuse and/or Burning
      Man that would be fantastic, bring your ideas. Also,
      we can try to figure out some travel arrangements to
      Columbia, MO for InterFuse. ~FIRE!~ I�ve already
      spoken with some people that are going to need a ride.

      Besides, ~FIRE!~ it�s never too early to start
      planning for Burning Man or Artica.

      Oh yeah, around 9:00pm or 9:30pm the meet�n�greet will
      probably disintegrate into fire ~FIRE!~ performance
      practice ~FIRE!~ outside of the cabin. ~FIRE! FIRE!

      Hope to see you ~FIRE!~ there.

      Lohr - St. Louis Regional Volunteer
      /^\ ...then apply fire vigorously.

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