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  • Lohr
    Dec 14, 2007
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      Here is the list of specials for Santa's
      along the route. Some of our regular
      contributes were not that forthcoming
      this year. That WILL be taken into
      consideration for next year.

      Cicero's ?
      Blueberry Hill beer bottle & Shots

      Key West Café 1/2 aps $3 jager $3 rail $2.75
      The Lobby Bar Nothing

      Llywelyn's shots and snacks
      Rosie's Place Free Popcorn

      Amp Some shot special
      Premium Lounge dennis@... 2 for 1 beer
      and rail
      Novak's happy hour pricing
      Atomic Cowboy $1 off whatever you want

      Nadine's Never got back
      Clementine's Never got back
      The Shanti Something
      1864's Hardshell $4.50 bombs $2.50 beers
      Molly's No Deal

      Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your home page.
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