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704RE: [stlouis_santarchy] Personal Planning?

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  • D. Michelle Vollmar Powers
    Dec 14, 2007

      What ever happened to:

      1. *The "schedule" is formal, we will be
      where we say we will be there is no
      Santa to call for direction.




      HO HO HO

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      Sent: Friday, December 14, 2007 12:39 PM
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      Subject: Re: [stlouis_santarchy] Personal Planning?


      Here's the schedule, as has been posted
      and flyered all around the city. Be
      ready for changes!

      StL SANTARCHY 2007
      December 15th, 2007

      University City
      noon Bar Cicero's
      1:00 Bar Blueberry Hill
      1:50 Metro Delmar -> Forest Park DeBaliviere
      Forest Park
      2:05 Museum St. Louis History Museum
      2:45 Metro Forest Park -> Union Station Eastbound
      Union Station
      3:05 Bar Key West
      3:40 Bar Union Station Lobby Bar
      4:17 Metro Union Station -> Stadium Eastbound
      4:42 Metro Union Station -> CWE Westbound (ALT)
      Baseball Stadium
      4:30 Stadium Pictures with Stan
      4:39 Metro Stadium -> CWE Westbound
      Central West End
      5:00 Bus #1 WUSTL-Gold Northbound off@McPherson
      5:15 Bar Llywelyn's
      6:01 Bus #1 WUSTL-Gold Southbound off@Laclede
      6:10 Bar Rosie's Place
      7:01 Bus CWE MetroBus Center
      #59 Shaw-Kirkwood Northbound
      off at Manchester & Tower Grove
      The Grove
      7:10 Bar Amp OR
      7:10 Bar Premium Lounge
      8:00 Bar Novak's
      8:50 Bar Atomic Cowboy
      9:50 Bus Manchester & Tower Grove
      #59 Shaw-Kirkwood Northbound
      off@ 12th & Russell
      10:20 Bar Nadine's Gin Joint
      10:50 Bar Clementine's
      11:20 Bar The Shanti
      11:50 Bar 1860's Hardshell Cafe
      12:20 Bar Molly's

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