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697RE: [stlouis_santarchy] Personal Planning?

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  • Rebecka Wyrde
    Dec 11, 2007
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      another option is to crash at a local santas home & get car in the morning.
      team up!
      becka ^..^

      Lohr <stlouisburn@...> wrote:
      Yes, transportation to and from Santarchy
      is a serious issue, and Michelle hit the
      solution on the head.

      Other options:
      Have a designated driver
      Don't drink too much to drive.
      Go get some food and sober up.

      As for you car. I recomend, leaving
      it where you will stop Santaing, and take
      the Metro from there to the Santas,
      wherever they are.

      The strange truth to this is, this is
      ALWAYS a problem with drinking around
      St Louis, it's just more pronounced
      on Santarchy.


      > You can get a one day Metro pass for $4.50. As far
      > as getting back to
      > your car: sorry, all I can say is hitchhike, bus, or
      > yellow cab it; or,
      > get it the next day if you've had too much to drink.
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      > Subject: [stlouis_santarchy] Personal Planning?
      > Alrighty then. Time for the Ho's to play.
      > Now, being my first time out on this jaunt, how do
      > you folks go about
      > planning your comings and goings for the event? I
      > mean, we start in
      > U-City, but end up in Soulard, so how do folks
      > typically end up back
      > at your car? Also, what kind of metro fees should I
      > be expecting? Is
      > there just a day pass I need to buy? Any other tips
      > for the first time
      > tipsy Santa?
      > -Deech

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