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695RE: [stlouis_santarchy] Personal Planning?

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  • barbara tabor
    Dec 11, 2007
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      if you drink, you will not be in any condition to drive after 12+ hours of santa slammin'.
      do not kid yourself that you will stop at some point and start sobering up for the drive home.
      it may take days to be sober again.  the hangover should hit sometime monday. ;-)
      REMINDER:  metrolink machines DO NOT take bills larger than TEN
      you can likely get to ucity by bus/metro from your home.  you can get daypasses at metrolink stations, i do not believe you can get daypasses from busses,  but maybe from bus centers (hampton, cwe, etc) 314-982-1495.you can get day passes at many of the grocery stores (long list - not searchable) http://www.metrostlouis.org/Fares/FarePurchase.asp
      the problem with getting home is the buses & metro stop running around midnight, so you cannot close down the bars and use mass transit to get home. 
      how far do you live from soulard?  cabfare calculator: http://www.stlouiscountycab.com/Rates.asp
      do you have a friend who might pick you up?  maybe join in somewhere and soulard and only have a couple so that they can still drive home?
      if you really want your car at the end of the night, park in soulard on the street (do not leave anything visible when parked in the city).  take one of the buses to a metrolink station and take it to ucity. 
      this will help you plan transportation:
      put in your starting location and destination and make sure you change the date to the 15th - the schedules are different during the week than on saturday.  it will give you options.  play with the times to get different options.


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      Welcome jolly friend,


      You can get a one day Metro pass for $4.50.  As far as getting back to your car: sorry, all I can say is hitchhike, bus, or yellow cab it; or, get it the next day if you’ve had too much to drink.

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      Alrighty then. Time for the Ho's to play.

      Now, being my first time out on this jaunt, how do you folks go about
      planning your comings and goings for the event? I mean, we start in
      U-City, but end up in Soulard, so how do folks typically end up back
      at your car? Also, what kind of metro fees should I be expecting? Is
      there just a day pass I need to buy? Any other tips for the first time
      tipsy Santa?


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