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652OT: JDRF fundraiser 2nite at A.C.

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  • Lana Camp
    Dec 5, 2007
      OK, so I was at the Burning Man Meet & Greet last night at the Atomic Cowboy-meeting and greeting-and I met a girl there named Heather.  She and I got to chatting, and I found out some horrible news (I am quite out of the loop anyway, so if you already know about this, I'm sorry for being so oblivious). 

      A friend of mine and a fixture of the St. Louis Goth scene, Russell Moore, lost his battle with Juvenile Diabetes on Halloween of this year.  Heather was his girlfriend and was with him in the hospital when he passed.  This news devastated me, and slapped me in the face with the reality of how fragile and fleeting our stay on this world is. 

      The reason why I am telling you all this is because she is holding a fundraiser tonight at the Atomic Cowboy starting at 8pm to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  Admission is free but there is a $2/ticket raffle, and she will be collecting checks or money orders made to JDRF.  There will be loads of entertainment; the Zombie Squad is one of the groups helping to put this thing together.

      Please come out and show your support tonight by-at the very least-buying a raffle ticket.  I know we all are not the most financially endowed, but if we can forgo having just one or two less drinks next week in order to contribute to this cause, your soul will shine a little  brighter.

      There is another opportunity (see flyer below, as well as a flyer for tonight's event) to show your support on December 10 at Dante's, if you can't make it tonight.

      Heather's life is now filled with a drive that only an untimely death of a loved one can spurn.  That drive is to raise awareness, and money to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  My heart goes out to her, Russell's family, his friends, and everyone else who is living with, and fighting this horrible disease.  Please come out and tell your friends, your coworkers, and anyone else to come out tonight and show some support for this cause.

      Thank you for listening.
                                          --Lana, a.k.a. PlantLife

      "To absent friends, Lost loves, Old Gods,
      And The Season of Mists. And may each
      and every one of us always give the
      Devil his due."
      - quote from Russell's site

      The Masque & Veil staff met Russell thru his sister and close friend Jennifer (festival co-producer). He quickly proved to be invaluable in his assistance and his nearly wide-eyed marvel of the music and artists involved.

      Russell was a great friend to many in Arkansas and Missouri who were close to him and those he was acquainted with. A very gentle soul with a heart that not any human frame could contain, Russell passed away from a fatal heart attack right before Halloween night yesterday.

      Some consider All Hallow's Eve a time where the evil spirits are warded away. We know Russell went away with them to have fun & play, knowing wherever he is, everyday is truly Halloween and he's having a blast =)

      He will be very, very missed <3

      A service for Russell will take place in Little Rock over the weekend. Those who know Russell can give condolences to Jennifer (Lynxgirl) to let her know how well he is truly loved.

      Russell Moore
      3.19.71 - 10.31.07

      We love you, Russell.

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