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617RE: [stlouis_santarchy] Santarchy and stippers

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  • barbara tabor
    Nov 29, 2007
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      By the end of the schedule, we will have shot our wad – I mean spent all our funds and probably be out of brain cells as well.  

      The bf doesn’t particularly care for the skin clubs, he says he doesn’t want to watch – he wants to touch.  And they really don’t like that there.

      So barb & jim are out for the extra let.  but santa’s heading east, have fun but be careful.  Beware of ho ho ho’s.


      Union Station – many weeks ago someone commented that there was a new club at union station worth checking out.  Can’t remember more than that.

      Problem is nothing is cheap there and maybe we should try to balance out the lobby bar.

      Maggie O’s next to U.S. ?  haven’t been there in years, it used to be fun (but that was usually very late at night).  Not sure its any cheaper.


      15+ days.  Woohoo!    Gotta start working on attire. 



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      We are not scheduling in any strip clubs.
      If someone wants to plan an East side
      excursion launching from the end of
      the actual Santarchy Schedule, feel
      free, but we are not including it
      in this schedule. I personally
      would LOVE to see a strip club
      overwhelmed with tipping drunk
      misbehaving Santas.


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