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610Santarchy and stippers

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  • kamarquard
    Nov 28, 2007
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      While I did patronize strip clubs in my mis-spent youth, I am now
      wiser, older, and probably a lot less nuts. That said, I wouldn't be
      opposed to join a crowd of fellow santarchists in an eastward
      excursion. But I do hope it would be after the regular Santarchy
      festivities are over. In my opinion, stip clubs are for when you want
      the evening to keep going after the regular bars have closed. They
      can be really fun when you have a mixed group and everyone is having a
      good time.

      As to cost, they weren't cheap the last time I went about five years
      ago and I'm sure they didn't get less expensive. Any cheap bastards
      will probably want to go home instead of heading east. But they might
      reconsider if they've never been, just to see for "Educational
      Purposes" mind you. Even with paying the full cover and buying a
      drink, you could get by with dropping around $30 if you don't sit
      close to the stages and drink sloooowly.

      My opinion is that if there is an eastward excursion then it should
      probably be considered a sort of after-the-party party that happens
      after the bars close wherever Santarchy finishes up. And while the
      strippers may enjoy a little Santarchy madness and a few candy canes,
      my recommendation would be to have a dollar or two wrapped around that
      candy cane when the Santa puts it in her g-string. Just like kids,
      strippers like presents too.

      Just this noob's opinion. Joined this fall.

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