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605random santa silliness

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  • Rebecka Wyrde
    Nov 25, 2007
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      5 random rules fo new york city sidewalk santas
      (from the volunteers of America guidebook)
      1. No garlic or raw onions. Two words: breath mints
      2. Don't climb down, sit on, or lean against your chimney collection box.
      3. If a child asks, "Are you really Santa Claus?" reply, "I'm Santa's helper.  The big guy is at the North Pole getting ready for Christmas."
      4. Don't accessorize you snow-white Santa beard with crumbly potato chips or sticky candy canes.  In the beard department, less is more.
      5. Do ring your bell rhythmically and say your ho-ho-ho's joyfully.  Remember: you are an icon with an image to maintain.
      So Santa's . . . maintain that image ;)

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