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55Fwd: Re: Mid-West Burner Spring event

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  • Lohr
    Feb 18, 2004
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      All right StLouians, are you ready
      to get your mid-fire burn on?

      Well we set the date for April 24th-25th so you can
      start passing the
      word around with an actual date. We reserved
      OzarkAvalon for 1 night but
      volunteers are contacting me privately about fronting
      money to cover
      the minimum fee for renting the entire camp for an
      additional night. If
      we get $700 fronted, then we'll rent the entire camp
      for the 23rd too.
      If we don't get that much money, then people coming
      out early on Friday
      will have to pay an additional $13 PER VEHICLE to camp
      on Friday night.
      We'll know by March 6th whether we'll have the entire
      camp for one or
      two days.

      We're trying to figure out a name right now. Any
      suggestions? I
      suggested Fuse even though it sounds like a rave name.
      I like the name
      because it has a dual meaning: A fuse is a small fiery
      event that prepares
      the way for a large fiery event (our party being a
      compression party of
      sorts). Also, this party is a fusing together of all
      the scattered
      midwest burners.

      Do you know whether many from your Fire conclave will
      be coming out? We
      have a small fire spinning group, 3rd Degree Burn.
      Maybe we can get a
      pre-burn procession or fire dancing display going on
      around the Man.

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