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5S A N T A R C H Y S T L 12 21 2002

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  • stlouissantarchy
    Dec 5, 2002
      S A N T A R C H Y S T L 12 21 2002

      Don't take any crap from the fat man.
      Only 4 days left to be naughty, so let's make'em count.

      This isn't just a pub-crawl. This is a protest! It's a rampage!
      It's a lashing out against the crime and insult of what X-mas has
      become. Come protest the commercialization and corporatization of X-
      mas and support some very anti-holiday oriented radical self-
      expression. Come dressed as Santa and join in on the rampage through
      the entire metro area. It's staring in the Loop, then on to the CWE,
      through Union Statin (the shoppers will love us) and finishing in
      Soulard. All via the MetroLink and the Bi-State bus. Remember to
      come dressed as your own inner Santa. You can be loud-Santa, dancing-
      Santa, really-really-annoying-Santa, happy-Santa (boring) or whatever-

      This is more or less a self-directed event. Get your friends and
      your costumes together and just show up at any time and place on the
      schedule. Other Santas will be there. There may be very few, or
      there may be a lot. That's going to depend on you.

      Cheap Santa suits can be found at:

      Check out the yahoo Group

      Santarcy is the brain-child of the Cacophony Society

      If St. Louis has a successful Santarchy, a Cacophony Society lodge
      will be formed in St. Louis, and our wonderful photos of the event
      will be put on the web site for the whole world to enjoy.

      Come be a part of somethingÂ… really really weird, weird in that good

      S A N T A R C H Y S T L 12 21 2002 S C H E D U L E

      University City
      3:00 - Blueberry Hill
      4:00 - Halo Bar
      4:53 - Metrolink to Central West End

      Central West End
      5:00 - Rosie's Place
      6:00 - Toms Bar & Grill
      6:48 - Metrolink to Union Station

      Downtown / Union Station
      7:00 - Hard Rock Café
      8:00 - Have A Nice Day Cafe (Re-Group)
      9:00 - March down Market to Tucker
      9:46 - Bi-State bus, #73 Carondelet Westbound
      on at Tucker and Market
      off at 12th and Russell

      10:00 - John D. McGurks
      10:45 - Nadines
      11:30 - Mike'n'Min's
      12:15 - The Shanti