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295Re: [stlouis_santarchy] S A N T A R C H Y 2006 - Planning

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  • Lohr
    Nov 17, 2006
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      I've been trying to get more non-bar locations
      involved for a while, but as you described,
      St Louisians, even while doing Santarchy,
      don't want to bother anyone.

      NOTE: no destination will be scheduled that
      cannot be reached by Metro or foot.


      --- "J. Brad Hicks" <brad@...> wrote:

      > My leading requests all relate to making it less
      > tame than 2005 was.
      > * More public places that aren't bars. It's
      > impossible to impress a St.
      > Louisan by getting drunk in a bar.
      > * If we are going to hit any dance clubs, it needs
      > to be after 11pm.
      > Ideally, it needs to be between midnight and 1:00
      > am, when there are
      > actually people in the club who might be dancing.
      > * At least one strip club. If I get a nomination,
      > it'd be for the last
      > stop of the night to end up at PT's Centerville.
      > (Won't that be a
      > Couples Night?) Yes, I know the buses don't run. But
      > if we make prior
      > arrangements with one of the cheaper cab companies
      > like ABC Cab to get a
      > couple of minivans, we can split cab fare 6 ways
      > each. Cheap at twice
      > the price.
      > I know that St. Louisans are pathologically polite,
      > but we could stand
      > to put more "anarchy" in Santarchy.
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