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291Metro facts and the CWE

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  • Gabriel Branch
    Nov 17, 2006
      There is a new bus transfer center at the CWE which is much better than the way it used to be. All sections are marked with the buses that are supposed to stop and park. They are also separated by direction meaning all northbound buses on one side and southbound on the other. They even have schedules on the walls which is much better than what I have seen at other transfer centers.
      Great signage = less confusion.

      I will verify with my Metro book but I think we should take the Northbound Taylor bus to Llewelyns and those bars then we can pick it up again to go back to CWE metrolink.

      Prices for the Bus and Train have changed also.
      A 2 hour Transfer costs: $2.25
      I recommend the 1 day pass

      Metro One-Day Pass: $4.50
      The machines will make change even if all you have is a $20 bill on you. It spits out dollar coins.
      They have a new "trip finder" app on the metrolink site now but it is very inaccurate when it comes to bus times between major stops and it mostly show routes that suck.  It's the first iteration of the app they have built for public use but it still needs alot more work.

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