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283RE: [stlouis_santarchy] S A N T A R C H Y 2006 - Time to begin planning

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  • barbara tabor
    Nov 11, 2006

      We’ve taken some of those pretty sure busses before…..weekend stops are few and far between, and sometimes almost random – so we have to come up with a plan and then someone has to be the adult that gets us there at the right time, and deals with phantom busses. 


      There have always been great planners – movers in the past – but its work – and they may be smart enough to be silent at this time.

      Do we need a pre-drunk to plan for the big drunk?  Everyone would need to bring data and meetint at some location with wi-fi for additional surfing might not be bad?  The flow of the party is very important/difficult to plan/control.


      Lohr? Chris? Where are you? Don’t want to usurp anyone’s power – but I know how unpleasant it is when folks question your  choices – cant please all the santas all the time……….


       Above is from a team standpoint – from personnel santa – I’m all for new stuff –all for someone else doing all the hard part


      Ps – one thing I would like to encourage is folks getting metro passes for the day ahead of time




      From: stlouis_santarchy@yahoogroups.com [mailto: stlouis_santarchy@yahoogroups.com ] On Behalf Of Bapi Gupta
      Sent: Sunday, November 12, 2006 12:16 AM
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      Subject: Re: [stlouis_santarchy] S A N T A R C H Y 2006 - Time to begin planning


      dear yuletime drunks,

      We definitely need to do a weekend night, and
      Saturday's are better than Friday mostly since the day
      is more open to most people (doesn't matter to me, I
      work friggin everyday from August til Christmas, but I
      asked off for 12/09 two months in advance!).

      My only *new* input on the subject would be to skip
      Washington Street/Union Station and add South Grand.
      We could Metro the the Grand stop and then take the
      bus down to Mangia, Upstairs, CBGB's. I'm pretty sure
      there's an easy bus to get us down to Soulard after
      that too.

      If we really still need to go downtown, I'd even
      prefer the Landing. I have a friends who work at Joey
      B's and the Feisty Bulldog/XES Lounge and could make
      sure we don't get stuck with covers.


      --- Lana Camp <brniidgirl@yahoo. com> wrote:

      > I would like to eat dinner in a Santa suit, as long
      > as we can still be belligerent. I will not be
      > drinking too much either, if at all. I would not
      > like it on a weekday. A weekday is lame. I have to
      > be in bed at a decent hour, seeing that I have a job
      > that makes me get to work by 8 (A.M. for all you
      > bohos with your own schedules). It would be nice to
      > try something different as far as routes. The Cabin
      > is no longer(single tear shed) and the
      > Avenue is starting to not look so appealing, as it
      > is not too close to the MetroLink. I know we have
      > walked it before, but that was when there was a good
      > reason. Now Hard Rock is lame, and The Cabin isn't
      > there. What else do we have? The Hair of the Dog,
      > Rue, and that strange one on the corner? Anyway,
      > That is my input.---Lana
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      > From: barbara tabor <barbaratabor@ hotmail.com>
      > To: stlouis_santarchy@ yahoogroups. com
      > Sent: Wednesday, November 8, 2006 9:08:45 PM
      > Subject: Re: [stlouis_santarchy] S A N T A R C H Y
      > 2006 - Time to begin planning
      > hey Dec 9th will get me out of our office christmas
      > party - although it is a huge todo at the 'ballpark'
      > Hilton that night - we could crash it. they already
      > know i'm insane.
      > seriously. i love maplewood .
      the schlafly
      > bottleworks is .9 miles from the metrolink. and
      > there are several places to stop along the way there
      > and back. the grateful inn and boogaloo's (both
      > serve food) are on manchester
      -stop at one on the
      > way to schlafly and one on the way back. other
      > options to add or replace previous mentions include
      > Maya Cafe and/or the the Saratoga
      lanes. i know
      > there are some other places in the area - ideas?
      > of course, someone would need to verify that the
      > place(s) of choice are open during our expected
      > arrival time andwould welcome (drink/food specials)
      > the santa's. i could do some leg work on this
      > subject if we thing its an area we want to visit.
      > i'd just gather 'what if' info - no committments.
      > and there might be a bus we could take from the loop
      > to maplewood ,
      then metro into the city? or the other
      > way round?
      > another option to get from washington
      ave to soulard
      > might be hooking up with one of the bar's that have
      > a shuttle bus, and convincing them to pick us up.
      > Hammerstone' s, Big Daddy's, 1860's. thoughts?
      > anyone have any connections with any of these?
      > http://www.metrostl ouis.org/ MetroLink/
      > stationlist. asp
      > Babs
      > From: "Gabriel Branch" <gabriel@seanbranch . com>
      > Reply-To: stlouis_santarchy@ yahoogroups. com
      > To: stlouis_santarchy@ yahoogroups. com
      > Subject: Re: [stlouis_santarchy] S A N T A R C H Y
      > 2006 - Time to begin planning
      > Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 16:02:25 -0600
      > Weekend is way better than weekday but Friday is
      > both.
      > Friday is better than Saturday because of extra
      > buses are running M-F and less on SS.
      > The difference is a bus every 30 minutes compared to
      > every hour.
      > I think expanding to Mapelwood is a good idea if we
      > can cut out Central West End then we save
      alot of
      > walk time. Getting to the bars and back from the BJC
      > Metrolink is a trek and a half.
      > What would be some decent bars on the new Metrolink
      > track that are close to a station?
      > I say skip Hard Rock(too expensive).
      > I do like the hotel bar at Union Station cause we
      > met another group of Santas there last year and from
      > my understanding the relationship for discounted
      > drinks is still pretty good.
      > From there we can easily hop back on the MetroLink
      > to the ConventionCenter which warrants better bus
      > options.
      > There are all new bus routes this time. Pretty much
      > every bus route has changed.
      > If we can get off the train around the Convention
      > Center station we should be able to find a way to
      > get on the southbound 40 Broadway or 30 Soulard bus
      > that will take us directly down to the broadway side
      > of Soulard. There are probably some cheap bars
      > around that spot and 2 bus options for going to
      > Soulard that won't require a long walk. Which will
      > work better if we lose track of time or people.
      > On 11/8/06, rain <caritasrainbow@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      > Well, I think a route change would be cool, esp have
      > to change going to the Cabin Inn for a bite since it
      > isn't open anymore. BUT- I DO NOT like the idea of
      > changing to a weekday. There's no way either Michael
      > or myself would be able to make it during a weekday.
      > Kids have school, Michael has work.
      > just my 2 cents,
      > ~rain
      > Also- if there's anyone else out there that isn't
      > drinking- would you like to meet up for a meal along
      > the route and then meet up with the drunken Santas?
      > --- Lohr <stlouisburn@ yahoo.com > wrote:
      > > It's time to start planning StLouis Santarchy
      > 2007.
      > > There has been lots of discussions in and around
      > > bars about Santarchy. It's about time those
      > > discussion made it to the internet.
      > >
      > > Some people have made arguments for changing
      > > the route of Santarchy, and of changing the
      > > weekday away from a Saturday to a weekday.
      > >
      > > What do you all think?
      > >
      > > Unless some really good suggestions come out
      > > to the contrary, it will be essentially the
      > > same route, and it will be on Saturday Dec 9th.
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