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193Re: [stlouis_santarchy] RE: mama always said not to trust strange websites

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  • Chris Nubel
    Nov 30, 2005
      I'll delete her account.  StLouis_Santarchy is an open membership group which means anyone can join without haveing to be approved.  I have moderator access which means I can delete a spammer after they post, but I cannot prevent them from joining, or spamming.  All I can do is delete and ban the account which prevents her from doing it again.

      rain <caritasrainbow@...> wrote:
      There really should be.  I run a couple of other lists
      and have never had this problem.  As the moderator on
      those lists I have to approve everyone wanting to
      become a member, so I have to find out ahead of time
      whether or not it is an actual person rather than a
      bot.  hmmmm...  Not sure what the settings are here.

      --- elliot liebson <eliebson@...> wrote:

      > --I don't suppose there is any way to prevent stuff
      > like this from coming
      > through?
      > Elliot
      > >
      > >Message: 1
      > >    Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 10:40:44 +0100
      > >    From: "suzan.johnston6606@..."
      > <suzan.johnston6606@...>
      > >Subject: this is so cool!
      > >
      > >Well, I met my lifelongpartner here :). Thought I
      > had a duty to post it on
      > >here to share with those on here who were exactly
      > like me, and are
      > >concerned about    ending up alone. For a very long
      >      time I had
      > >accepted that it was inevitable, but well, great
      > things        do happen to
      > >good people :) Check it out
      > http://www.firstglance.info/eeqci
      > >

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