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171Jesus, Myth of history or Son of God ?

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  • starisi1500
    Oct 8, 2005
      My name is Lorenzo Crescini. I am a Captain of the merchant Navy now
      on retirement.
      When I was a secular missionary in an African leprosary, I wrote
      some Flashes on the Holy Gospels which helped a lot of people by
      giving them new trust and hope. You will find them in web site

      E mail:

      Here are the first three Flashes as an example
      1. There is the historical proof the myth could not invent the
      Cross . If the Cross roused a "social orror" by the heathens ,it
      caused a shocking religious dismay by the Jews. It is not a case that
      the first christians in order to avoid that the preaching might be
      jeopardised.,represented the Cross by an anchor ,a plough, a mast, a
      man praying with open arms.How can we think that this way of dying
      was put in the myth by the christians themselves ?

      2. Should somebody tell us of having seen a dead person on the
      cross resuscitated, nobody would believe him. But if the same person
      stating that could also make miracles, then we would believe him.
      That happened to the Apostles who got the power of making miracles in
      order to be believed. Without that power, Christianity couldn't have
      been born.

      3. Jesus says on the Cross: "My God ,My God ,why did You abandon
      me ? Such words might even shock the reader. Why should they have
      been written if they weren't true,then ?