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1393Re: [stlouis_santarchy] S t L S A N T A R C H Y: The Schedule Sat Dec 8th

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  • joshua hart
    Dec 4, 2012
      Santa needs to know what the bus costs. So I can wrap that shit and have it ready.   

      And remember, every time a jingle bell rings, a Santa gets his mac on. 

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      Ho Ho uH-Oh!
      Santarchy is coming to town,
      so you had BETTER watch out.



      December 8th, 2012

      University City
        11:30 Bar    Cicero's
        12:30 Bar    Blueberry Hill
         1:24 Metro    Delmar -> Union Station Eastbound

      Union Station
         2:00 Bar    Hard Rock Cafe

      Locust Ave.
         3:00 Bar    Hard Times Lounge

      Washington Ave.
         4:00 Photo    The City Museum & The Cabin
         5:15 Bar    Dubliner
         6:15 Bar    Flamingo Bowl

         7:00 Bar    Jack Patrick's
         7:45 Bar    Crack Fox
         9:00 Bus    #10 14th & Pine -> Hampton Loop
              off at (Gravois @ S13th St.)

         9:15 Bar    Nadine's Gin Joint
        10:00 Bar    The Bastille
        10:45 Bar    The Shanti
        11:30 Bar    1860's Hardshell Cafe
        12:15 Bar    Molly's

      Safe Return
        11:00 Bus    S 7th & Geyer Ave.
              #30 Soulard -> Bus towards To Rock Roa
              MetroLink Westbound to Delmar Loop Station

      so be safe, have fun, and be a little naughty...

      DETAILS:  More info to come!!!

      LOCATIONDeal in 2012ADDRESS
      Cicero'sTBA6691 Delmar
      Blueberry HillTBA6504 Delmar
      Hard Rock CaféHappy hour pricing1820 Market St. Suite 450 Parking lot of Union Station
      Hard Times Lounge$0.50 off Drinks,  Free Buffet,: hot dogs, meatballs pasta con broccoli1718 Locust
      City Museum$1.50 PBR701 N 15th St 
      The DublinerFree Food1025 Washington Ave
      Flamingo BowlNo Special1117 Washington Ave
      Jack PatricksFree Food1000 Olive
      Crack Fox$3 new belgium beer and $4 jameson specials1114 Olive
      Nadine'sFree Food1931 12th St.
      the BastilleTBA1027 Russell Blvd
      The ShantiFree Pizza9th & Allen
      1864's Hardshell CafeTBA9th & Geyer, Geyer Entrance
      Molly's TBA816 Geyer

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