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1283Creative super awesome - Lights on Cherokee Street

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  • Lohr
    Jan 27, 2011
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      I recently found out about this amazing collaborative project happening along
      Cherokee Street.  I think this is project is gloriously in line with the
      collaborative creative spirit and missions upon which Gateway Burners and the
      rest of our more exciting, creative and Doer/Maker cultures are founded.  I will

      definitely be attending these workshops, and I want to encourage the rest of
      this community to consider attending as well.
      Lights Along Cherokee

      What illuminates you from the inside? A person, your work, an idea? What
      inspires you about being on Cherokee and/or in St. Louis?

      We are looking to create a string of free standing lanterns emblazoned with
      stories that will line Cherokee Street as a part of the Southern Graphics
      Conference. They will light the way for visitors and strangers as they explore
      this fine city.

      You are invited to collaborate with us on building these lanterns:

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