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1172Call For Proposals for Art Grants - Gateway Burn

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  • Lohr
    Mar 30, 2010

      Call For Proposals for
      Art Grants
      Gateway Burn 2010
      Water on the Moon & Other

      Gateway Burn is an official Burning Man Regional
      Event based out of St

      Gateway Burn is pleased to announce the
      availability of art grants intended
      to help defray the costs of
      materials and transportation related to creating
      and presenting works of art at Gateway Burn 2010. The deadline for
      applications for is April 24th.

      GAS (Gateway Art Support) will be awarding grants, in amounts from $50 -
      $500 and are intended as supplementary funding to help you build your

      Proposals will be evaluated based on the following (in no particular order):
      - Quality: creativity / interactivity / thoughtfulness / originality / excitement / inspiration
      - Execution: planning / feasibility / safety plan /
      clean-up plan / budget /past work
      - Principles: reflection of the "10 Principles" of Burning Man
      - Theme: how or if the work supports the Art Theme of the event

      The GAS Committee will carefully review your application
      and notify you in a
      timely manner. Do not be discouraged if you are
      not awarded a grant. We have
      limited funds and are forced to make
      tough decisions about where to apply

      For more information: