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1120RE: [POSSIBLE SPAM] [stlouis_santarchy] S t L S A N T A R C H Y 2009 - You Better Watch Out!!!

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  • Michelle Vollmar Powers
    Dec 9, 2009

    The exec asst in me kicked in and I just had to have all this info on one page (in case of a shot, beer, or food emergency – you know how it can be). ANYway… I’ve attached it for anyone else interested.  It’s unedited, except for the fact that I didn’t like those two little words “no deal,” so I took them out.  Who is showing such lack of concern for the jolly (wo)man and so D-U-M as to not offer cookies and milk to SANTA!!!???!!!!!   I’ll just let the reindeer leave them “presents.”


    ~OCD Santa  !hooked on cookies and milk!!

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    HO HO uH-Oh! You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why: Santarchy is coming to town!

    It's time for St. Louis ' own version of the time-honored tradition of Santarchy. "What is Santarchy?" you say? Santarchy is better experienced than explained, but I'll tell you this. Saturday December 12th, all those with the affinity for the FrEaKy, the curiosity of the CrAzY are invited to get dressed up in a Santa Suit and join us in celebration of and/or protestation to the holiday season.

    Dress as your own inner Santa or whatever other holidayesque outfit you create and join us for an all day march all around St. Louis spreading holiday cheer and presents. Yes, presents too. If you come across the mob of Santa's on December 20th you will most likely leave with a gift. Previous gifts have included candy-canes, lumps of coal, mutant toys, vegetables, special prizes, and many other twisted gifts for the naughty and nice little boys and girls.

    Santas shall stomp, stumble and spit across the city while chanting, "You better Watch Out! You better Watch Out! You better Watch Out! You better Watch Out!..." Come rampage through the city. All are welcome

    So get your Santa Suit on and come join us for StL Santarchy 2009.

    December 12th, 2009

    University City
    11:30 Bar Cicero 's
    12:30 Bar Blueberry Hill
    1:25 Metro Delmar -> Union Station Eastbound

    Union Station
    1:45 Bar Key West
    2:30 Bar Union Station Lobby Bar

    Locust Ave.
    3:30 Bar Tin Can, Downtown
    4:15 Bar El Borracho

    Washington Ave.
    5:00 Photo The City Museum
    5:05 Bar Cabin Inn the City
    5:45 Bar Rue 13
    6:30 Bar Flamingo Bowl

    7:15 Bar Jack Patrick's
    7:55 Photo Photo Op City Gardens
    8:00 Bar The Terrace View
    8:43 Metro 8th & Pine -> Civic Center
    9:00 Bus #59 14th & Spruce -> 12th & Russell

    9:30 Bar Nadine's Gin Joint
    10:05 Bar The Shanti
    10:40 Bar 1860's Hardshell Cafe
    11:15 Bar Bar Molly's
    12:07 Bus Soulard Farmers Market/Broadway
    #30 Soulard -> Arsenal/Grand

    South Grand
    12:30 Bar CBGBs
    1:10 Bar Mangia Italiano
    1:50 Bar Barbarella

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