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1032OT: Holiday Orders

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  • A Grewe
    Nov 19, 2009
      So I have desided to open up shop for a few weeks to make some money after loosing my job and wrecking my car. This is great news for some of you as you get to purchase some of my handcrafted holiday gifts for Hanukkah or Christmas.

      First of all I am making Holiday cards

      Hanukkah cards
      Christmas cards Snowman themed, Polar Bear themed, Sugar Plum Faerie, or random winter images such as mittens, cocco, etc.

      Next there are my hand crafted note cards. We have lost the art of writing to eachother by hand. Encourage a return to this art by buying your loved ones my note cards themes are as follows. Buy in sets of 4 or 8.

      Japaneese and Chineese images and lettering
      "Etched" Birds
      Nature block "etchings"
      Romance of the past(victorian-1950s objects,advertising and imagery)

      Card prices are $1/card so sets of 4=$4 sets of 8=$8 this goes for holiday as well.

      Third there are my fun and fabulous Record Bowls. Not recomended for wet food they are great for chip or popcorn bowls or for your pocket fodder as you return home from a long day at work. Record titles will be provided upon order request based on the fact that each one is individual and I will have to keep up with who has ordered which record. Genre's are as follows

      Jazz and Blues which mostly consists of big band compulations great for the swing dancers or grandparents.
      Rock and folk (one or two disco in this)
      Christmas music
      Sound tracks (some are musicals some are movies)

      These will be sold for the fabulous price of $6 a piece.

      If any of you who have had my scrumptious Pumpkin butter before would like to pick some up from me you have to contact me individually as I can not advertise food:)

      I am also taking orders for costuming of adult or doll sized pieces. This is great for those of you who love to wear the stuff or collect the stuff but have eiter no time or no idea how to begin to make it. This will be priced on individual basis.

      As for doll cloths I have been creating my own patterns mostly for porcilain but will work with Ball Jointed Dolls as well.

      Angela/Cherry/Penny Forthought