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102StL Santarchy 2004 - Save WHAT Date

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  • Lohr
    Nov 3, 2004
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      Okay Folks,

      I was waiting for Halloween to wind down,
      and I guess it has, so we had better pick
      a date. I was tentativly thinking
      Dec 11th, but I've now heard votes for
      Dec 4th, 11th and the 18th.

      I think Chris has the right idea of
      calling for a vote. So, start talking
      to your friends, and we'll prepare a
      vote via the Yahoo Group facilities.

      The choices are Dec

      Chris, If you're willing you can set it up.

      And remember, Santa's always out there,
      just waiting for the right date to run
      chaotically through the streets, bringing
      Fear and Chear to all the Good and Bad
      little boys and girls.

      -Mega Santa,
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