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Reposting for a freind.

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  • Clockwork_god
    Alexandra Hegel My name is Alex, and I am the moderator and host for Kawakon 2012 s Steampunk Fashion Show. I m putting together a list of all the interested
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      Alexandra Hegel

      My name is Alex, and I am the moderator and host for Kawakon 2012's Steampunk Fashion Show.

      I'm putting together a list of all the interested people who want to be in the show. I would love to have every Steam Punk afficionato in St. Louis in the show -- but then we'd have no audience!

      Whether it's just to walk on the stage and show off a gadget, weapon or nifty hat -- or a full-on mini-performance with fire and lasers! We want it all. There will be about an hour for the Fashion Show, then there will be a short break while I throw candy at the audience to keep them happy and energized, there will be a raffle for a pretty steampunk skirt – and lastly an amazing concert by The Aeronauts, with fire spinning!


      Email me for more information: ThreeRiversOkiya@...
      Cell for EMERGENCIES ONLY and to check in the day of the show
      if I do not pick up --please leave voicemail: 314.630.0457

      Kawakon's official website:


      1) There will be multiple entrants so sign-up time is a factor, and please make certain any presentation you plan to give is 5 minutes or less (the more awesome it is, the more negotiable i'm willing to be about time limits, and the more self-sufficient your setup is, and detail oriented your game-plan, the more likely you are to be able to do what you want). I do reserve the right to say no about risky costumes -- this is an event with small children -- please keep this in mind.

      2) If you have a stage name you'd like used when I announce you, or info about your character / neato device that you wish to display, I'd love to have it either emailed to me ahead of time, or typed and given to me on the day of the fashion show -- My eyesight is great, but I don't know if I can read your handwriting -- that takes special ninja skillz.

      3) The same goes for music -- please have it burned to a CD, or on a thumbdrive, etc – AND PROPERLY LABELED -- and let me know that you are going to be providing your own music ahead of time, before the day of the fashion show, so that I can give you the best possible performance (I need to talk to the DJ to do set-up, after all)

      4) There will be a window of time prior to the Fashion Show on Friday to do a quick run through of your presentation, get to see the stage, hand over your music or typed information about your presentation.

      5) The Fashion Show starts at 8pm and goes until it ends -- and is followed by a concert by the wonderful band, The Aeronauts! Please show up EARLY so that we can get set up. The room for the Fashion Show and the attached Green Room are ours to use starting at 7PM that day. Check in as soon as you can with me, PLEASE!

      6) if you choose to enter the fashion show, but have no interest in attending the rest of the Convention, let me know, and I can set you up with a free badge to the convention for that day (Friday) only, so that you can get in for free, and see the concert for free, too! Otherwise, the concert costs $10. The free badge pertains only to those actually IN the fashion show.

      7) The stage is going to be a "thrust-type" stage, similar to those used in fashion shows all around the world. This will allow your gorgeous costume to be seen from every angle! Please wear appropriate shoes/walking devices that will allow you to climb the stairs to the stage and walk comfortably back and forth on the catwalk. I don't want anyone taking swan-dives into the audience! If you have any concerns about your ability to maneuver in your costume (like very full skirts, or very wide wings), please let me know ahead of time, so that I can let the people helping you get onstage know.
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