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  • tkoverkamp
    Greetings, fellow inventors, adventurers, and pirates of all kinds! As my own personal adventures have been quite bracing (and demanding more and more of my
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2009
      Greetings, fellow inventors, adventurers, and pirates of all kinds!

      As my own personal adventures have been quite bracing (and demanding more and more of my time) I had not, as of yet, proposed adventures for the rest of this calendar year.

      Here are my current suggestions, some of which are taking into account suggestions from my illustrious colleagues. (Links for all of the below will be at the bottom of this missive.)

      A Clockwork Mad Hatter's Tea Party celebrating Your Unbirthday at Jilly's Cupcake Bar: Why not have Jilly's set aside the "dining room" for an afternoon feast of cupcakes and Wonderland-themed drinks? The cupcake bar would probably also enjoy the event as a promotion, if we like.
      I would suggest attending in your steampunk or neo-victorian finery, or dressing as your favorite Wonderland character. Duplications are not discouraged, so if there were more than one Alice or Mad Hatter, I certainly have no objection.

      Six Flags Steampunk Day: Creating a Steampunk Day at Six Flags. Did I mention that the Six Flags Train (or rather the Tommy G. Robertson Railroad) is, in fact, a fully-functional steam engine? It runs on natural gas, and is quite impressive. Also, there are other rides and games and fun at Six Flags. A caveat: We may not be allowed to go "in costume". We may have to go with a more "everyday" steampunk look if we do this. I know that they have strict rules about no costumes at Fright Fest except for special events (such as children's costume contests during the day.)

      Speaking of Trains: How about the St. Louis Zoo? I have been dying to take some steamy folk to the 1904 World's Fair Birdcage for photos. Plus there are animals to capture on film in a Safari. The Zoo is free, but the train costs money and so does the parking lot. If we're clever we can park on the street, but I encourage support of the zoo, since they do not in fact charge to enter.

      All this animal talk reminds me that there's Grant's Farm as well. You know Mr. Grant: that's Ulysses S. Grant to you. Animal park and family attraction, I hear that there's complimentary beer in the beer garden and I know that there's a new Carousel that's only $2 to ride.

      Forest Park itself affords us a variety of options including the Jewel Box, the Lake, the Muny, and both the Art and the History Museums.

      Naturally, all this talk of museums brings to mind the Museum of Transportation. I know that the St. Louis Costumer's Guild has already made use of it as a backdrop for steampunk photographs, but we shouldn't let that stop us from spending the day there and having a wonderful time.

      There is also apparently a Tea House in Fenton that has been brought to my attention.

      Let us not forget the St. Louis Pirate Festival, and the near-and-dear-to-my-heart Goblin Ball. (The Goblins would welcome inventors galore, naturally.)

      Of course, I would like to reprise two of last year's events:
      Archon's annual Mad Scientists' Tea Party will again be on Friday at around 4pm. (October 2nd, Collinsville, Ill.)It's an excellent excuse to arrive early for Archon. (I myself will be attending from Thursday afternoon onward.)

      Steampunk Christmas Carolers: I would like to do this again in December sometime. Last year we hit Downtown Kirkwood. Perhaps this year we can choose a new location? I'm game to go back to Kirkwood, and perhaps integrate our event with other local happenings. What say you?

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