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Re: [stleampunk] Successful Expedition through time and space!

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  • joshua hart
    Begin transmission.....   Ms. M.G.   If it would Please you, It is possible that you bring your dysfunctional lens system to my lab, where I might repair or
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      Begin transmission.....
      Ms. M.G.
      If it would Please you, It is possible that you bring your dysfunctional lens system to my lab, where I might repair or improve upon it.  Mealy bring the parts with you my dear and contact myself or one of my henchmen, for a time.
      You know the place of course, as always down in that little pub on the docks, the drunken cog.
      The Baron Bon Bar
      Post Primary Transmission,
      The thream of this years gathering in dallas, called akon was steampunk.  Many wonderful costumes to be had, please go and look at their galleries, You might even find a few of the Baron Bon Bar and the Zanzua-bar-barians.  In a related note, the bar fot the drunken cog is in place, but we are still looking for henchman to help with the details of the bedeviled thing. If you have some time we would love to have some help with some things, like painting, and mounting some of the finer bits.
      End transmission.

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      Subject: Re: [stleampunk] Successful Expedition through time and space!
      To: stleampunk@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Sunday, May 31, 2009, 11:04 PM

      Hear, Hear!
      Ms Gale Wagner

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      From: tkoverkamp <tkoverkamp@hotmail. com>
      Subject: [stleampunk] Successful Expedition through time and space!
      To: stleampunk@yahoogro ups.com
      Date: Sunday, May 31, 2009, 6:13 PM

      Despite some errors in the use of the various time-machines, a very pleasant outing was had by all!

      In the morning, Mr. Algernon and Ms. Glockenspiel had some trouble with the time-travel contraption loaned to them by a mysterious Doctor. We finally managed to arrive in Petit Lyon only a hour behind schedule; and this was the very best we could manage. Mr. Algernon says that the ice age and the lava that we were able to observe in our earlier attempts were fascinating, however.

      It seems that the Schubox adventuring team were also having some chronometrical problems, so perhaps Petit Lyon in 1518 is a difficult destination. This may be due to the fact that it is a popular nexus for other time travelers!

      A few members of our party carried a net for catching faeries, but it seems that Faeries of this era have grown too large for net-capture. They also have big nasty teeth, apparently. No faeries were caught. (It is a good thing they did not visit Petit Lyon the previous day, when the Winter Court invaded! There are some truly nasty faeries in the Goblin King's Court...)

      It was delightful to see the Swashbucklers perform, even if it was a wee bit anachronistic. I suspect the team of being Airship Pirates, with their own time travel device! I also got to catch the tail end of Mooney's amazing silent clown routine. Indeed, if you missed his show, you missed a hilarious performance.

      It was also particularly entertaining to visit the Strange Object in the woods. I try to examine the Strange Thing every year, and every year it proves fascinating. This year, there was a specimen taken from a great Kraken! (Or so we were led to believe.) The barker was well-informed about deep sea cephalopods, as well.

      The Wizard had a great show, as usual. The Limey Birds had an entirely new cast and I rather enjoyed the new young ladies' performance. They were also quite taken with our group and commented in particular on Mr. Algernon's Traveling Kilt.

      A visit to the pub and a glass of cider were both delightful and refreshing. We were treated to a performance from the Eastern Dancers, and Mr. Algernon and Ms. Glockenspiel were invited to come up and do a little audience participation near the end.

      I did not get a chance to listen to the Elvendrums group perform today, but I did get to visit with the elves in the woods. They were charming, as usual.

      A heartfelt thanks to our hostess and her genteel servant for our delightful afternoon tea. It was an oasis of well-mannered frivolity during our venture into the past. Fortunately, we were visited by Limey Birds and Bast's Garden. (The Limey Birds were not cooked, they were eaten raw.) Unfortunately, Ms. Gale lost her miniature eyepiece, but this did afford us the opportunity to gather around and inspect her Sextant. We are hoping that a functional eyepiece can be made to replace the lost one.

      I was pleased to hear a great many comments such as "the large quantity of steampunk-dressed people" and "What *IS* this group?" and "Ooo! Goggles!" We were able to hand out flyers to fellow Time Travelers so that they might join us in either the Yahoogroup or the LIvejournal community.

      We were very well-received, and I think it would be fun to make this an annual pilgrimage!

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