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1103New Year's "Adam"?

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  • T KO
    Dec 26, 2013
      I ran across a funny bit on Tumblr that started as a rant about "Eve" (as in Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve) and how unfair it was, followed by a declaration that the "Eve-Eve" (two nights before the event) should be called the "Adam".
      I'm throwing a New Year's Adam party at The Mint Cookie!
      Monday, December 30th
      7pm until after Midnight.
      We will toast the last day of the year at Midnight, and have snacks and drinks.
      I'm not really planning a meal, but feel free to bring scrumptuous foods to share.
      I'm planning to have a buffet of teas, some boozes, some snacks and a wide assortment of stemware to drink from. I will also have out the last of the Absinthe.
      You should bring a bottle of something to share (sparkling cider? Champagne? Root beer? you decide!) and a snack also. I never object to additional ice, either. If we wind up with an ice surplus there will be snow cones!
      Christmas cookies are more than welcome (I shall be busting out some Mint Cookies in honor of the house.)
      Dress code is "Narnian." C.S. Lewis said that "In Narnia, your best clothes were always your most comfortable clothes." Wear whatever pleases you, whether that's your new finery, your favorite costume, your PJs, or whatever. Just please be street-legal for the street.
      As usual, smoking is allowed outdoors and I have a lovely porch for that. If the weather cooperates, I may have a fire going on the back patio, too.
      As usual, kids are welcome. However, if your kids don't do well with staying up late, you might consider getting a sitter and coming out to enjoy grown-up time.
      Open invitation, too. Feel free to bring friends!
      If you want to crash at my place, let me know. I have two bedrooms with air mattresses, plus the giant couch of doooooom. I'd prefer to keep you and make Pancakes in the morning than to have you drive home inebriated.
      RSVPs are very nice for your hostess, though they are not strictly necessary.
      Need directions? Call me or email!
      --Tricia Overkamp