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1100Fwd: You're invited to tea!

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  • T KO
    Oct 15, 2013
      I'm the Assistant Chairman for the local St. Louis Ball-Jointed Doll Convention. We're doing a fundraiser, and I wanted to invite the local Steampunks!
      Many of you have attended my Mad Scientists' Tea Party at Archon over the last 6 years or so. You therefore know that we put on a very fine tea!
      Many of my Mad Scientist Minions are also part of the committee for this doll convention, so we've decided to use our Powers Of Tea for good! As there will be a costume contest, your steampunk finery would be most welcome and appropriate.

      It's almost HALLOWEEN!

      The convention is around the corner, but we're celebrating early with a Halloween-Themed Tea Social on October 19th at 2pm.

      TEA! The most fabulous teas in the world served by our ongoing Mistress Of The Tea, otherwise known as Jen Patton. (Also Mad Tea Scientist SUPREME!)

      FOOD! Cucumber Sandwiches and Biscuits? Yes! Halloween-themed goodies? YES! Fizzy Jell-O Brains? YES YES YES!! All this and MORE!

      COSTUME CONTEST! Wear your Halloween finery and enter the contest to win valuable prizes! Note: There will also be a doll-costume contest, if we have enough entries.

      RAFFLE! The raffle will have some AMAZING Halloween themed stuff in it, as well as some Christmas items and random other stuff. Look for literary bundles (books!), Music Bundles (CDs!), Craft Bundles (Glitter!), and other fun items to win!

      DOLLAR TABLE! We will also be raising funds for the OBC food pantry, which as you know is our convention's pet charity.

      Plus, you'll be supporting our little BJD convention, of course.

      There are tables to choose from:

      The Day of the Dead: Celebrate the awesome Mexican version of "All Saints' Day"!
      Monster Mash: The Monster High Ghouls want to boogie the (afternoon) away!
      Witches' Brew: Something WICKED this way comes!
      Here There Be Monsters: You're off the map and in the realm of dragons and dark fey!
      Pumpkins: The theme of the season, and it's the GREAT PUMPKIN, CHARLIE BROWN!

      It's only $10 to attend, and we'd really like to have a fun party. Kids are welcome, so if you have kids you can get tickets for them, too. The kids who attended our last Tea Social loved it and found it magical and silly and fun!

      Click here to go to the online registration page.

      As always, we appreciate your support. Please feel free to boost the signal, too.