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1096RE: Re: [stleampunk] I want to get the cog rolling...

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  • tkoverkamp
    Oct 13, 2013

      I agree with this sentiment; Goodwill and other thrift stores are great resources.

      Sometimes the key is to find a singular amazing piece and build your outfit around that.

      For example, I have a couple of corsets that I like a great deal, and I pair them with found pieces and accessories to create new looks.

      I also love to machine embroider my found objects. I recently made a Cryptozoologist jacket out of a tan safari-styled top by embroidering the loch ness monster on the back and "cryptozoologist" on the front above the pocket.

      I also embroidered a long baby-whale courdoroy skirt that a friend had given me a while back. Urban Threads has pioneered some amazing steampunky designs, and other companies have caught on. Urban threads also has hand-embroidery patterns, too. 

      I made a vest for my husband from an 1880s pattern, out of a clock-face print (though, not the one that is ubiquitous) and scrap velvet and linen. He paired it with various band-collared shirts, and assorted trousers. He even likes wearing it with his punk-kilt. 

      Look for an awesome vest; it's often a good place to start. 

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      Although the standard color for steampunk seems to be brown.  Any color works and none of my outfits are brown.  The easiest outfit can be mostly bought at goodwills.  All u need is a dressy maybe button up shirt, a vest and a pair of slacks.  My first pair of goggles were welding goggles purchased from sears hardware and a can of metallic spray paint.  Walmart carries a nice variety of shiny or matt metallics.  The individual eye goggles come completely apart so u dont have to worry about getting paint on lenses.  U can paint them all same color or paint dif pieces dif colors.  U dont have to have gadgets and bling all over the place and 1/2 the fun is building up your look as u go!

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      For the longest time I've been wanting to get into Steampunk, especially dressing the part. The only problem (well, two if you count money) is I haven't had anyone to give me a good introduction into the Steampunk realm. I want to dress up but I don't know where to begin. I fancy myself more of an adventurer type; I currently own a wind-up pocketwatch (need to fix the chain) and a compass, both brass colored. What type of clothing should I look for and where? I would prefer somewhere relatively cheap and where I can buy the outfit in pieces so I can customize it to my personality.

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