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1094Halloween Party 2013

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  • T KO
    Oct 12, 2013

      The Spiders are taking over for Halloween!
      Aragog, Shelob, the Great One of the Eight-Legs...
      And thousands of tiny spiders!

      Their webs are already appearing around the outside of the house. I think I saw a bat wrapped up in one of them, though it could have been a bird.

      To appease the army of spiders, we shall throw a feast on October 31st!

      It's the annual Mint Cookie Halloween Party!
      This year's theme is spiders and all things connected to their webs. Dress as a brave Hobbit (or dwarf), a student or faculty member of Hogwarts, a spidery sorcerer/ess, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Web-Woman, or Venom. Bonus points if someone shows up as Dr. Arliss Loveless or one of his henchpersons...
      Or, wear a costume and add a spider in a subtle way. Wrap yourself up as a gift to the giant spiders!

      As I am hosting alone this year, I'm shifting the rules and the timetable:

      The Week Before: Assistance for cleaning and decorating is deeply appreciated. Let me know if you can help out!

      Halloween Night: I'm looking for early shift volunteers to help with last-minute prep. From 3:30pm until 6pm, I'm looking for extra hands and helpers. It would be best to let me know in advance, but last minute appearances by eager helpers are ok, too.

      6pm: The Party Begins! The buffet will be out, the drinks will be chilled, and some kind of savory meal will be offered. In previous years, I have made a lovely lasagna, which has satisfied many ghouls and guys. I'm planning something similar this year. We will also have candy, baked treats, and random weirdness for consumption.

      Sometime during the evening, we'll form a group to take the kids around for trick-or-treating. Our neighborhood is pretty good for trick-or-treats, but feel free to hit your own neighborhood before or after our expedition.

      We'll also take turns handing out candy and other treats from the porch.

      Candy for the Trick-or-Treat hoard
      Non-candy treats for the trick-or-treat hoard 
      food for the buffet or drinks to share 
      your kids, and/or your friends.

      Please do not bring:
      Live spiders. I do not want the real thing lurking about at this party.
      Illegal substances. You know what I mean.
      Firearms. Naturally, I have no issue with PROP weapons in the hands of responsible people, but let's not strap on a REAL rifle to dress up as a "spider hunter", ok?
      Gum. Yes, candy for the trick-or-treat festivities is great, but I really prefer that there be no gum on my property at all.

      I loved the "Halloween Movie Theater" from last year, so I'll be rearranging the furniture to facilitate it again. This year's Halloween Movies will be:
      Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Up first, probably)
      Arachnophobia or possibly Krull (assuming I can "scare up" a copy)
      Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Something we can all fall asleep to later.)
      Other spider movies we might put on:
      Kingdom of the Spiders (Starring The Shat)
      Eight Legged Freaks (Apparently Scarlett Johansson is in it, which I discovered on the Irony Channel)
      Wild Wild West (C'mon, giant robot spider motifs everywhere? WHEE!)